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Welcome to ChickLit's Flash Fiction Prompts! Our prompts are here to help inspire you and motivate you when you've come down with a dreaded case of writer's block. Our prompts are open to everyone, and we hope that they assist you in your writing and creativity. For how our flash fiction prompts will work, please read the frequently asked questions below.


Q: What are flash fiction prompts?

A: Flash fiction stories are often times stories that are under 2,000 words. With ChickLit's flash fiction prompts, we expect your entries to be as long as a single Wattpad comment permits. This means that your entry should be relatively short. It could be a glimpse into a character's thoughts, poetry or even the start of a new novel you're thinking of writing. Flash fiction prompts will ensure that your writing is shared with readers and writers alike, who enjoy the chicklit genre.

Q: How do I enter the flash fiction prompts?

A: To enter our flash fiction prompts, you will need to write your entry in the comments section of the corresponding prompt chapter. You will not be submitting a story via a form, nor will we require you to publish a new story on Wattpad to enter. Simply write your flash fiction entry in a SINGLE comment and your entry will be judged by our team.

Q: Can my entry span across a number of comments? Am I limited to ONE comment?

A: You are limited to one comment per prompt. This is to ensure that everyone receives a fair and equal opportunity at having their entry read and judged, and also to comply with the flash fiction nature of the challenge. We aren't expecting novels from you, but simply short doses of inspiration. Entries that do not meet this requirement (entries written in more than ONE comment) will be disqualified.

Q: How do the prompts work? When do you update prompts?

A: Our prompts will alternate between word prompts and picture prompts. You will have six days to come up with an entry, and the top three comments for each week will be picked by the end of the week. We will add new prompts each Monday of every week.

Q: Can anyone enter the prompts? Is it limited to a certain region?

A: Our prompts are open to anyone, no matter what region you are from.

Q: What language can my prompts be written in?

A: Your prompts must be written in ENGLISH. Non-compliance with this requirement will result in your entry being disqualified.

Q: Must my story be an original piece? Or can I also include writing that's already published?

A: Your entry MUST BE AN ORIGINAL PIECE. This is to ensure that no one is unfairly disadvantaged against. We want original entries, as our prompts are intended to inspire your creativity as a writer. However, stories that have already been written, or any ideas for a new novel that you have and that have NOT been published on Wattpad as yet are allowed to be used in your entries.

Q: What will the top three entry winners receive?

A: Winning entries will be featured in our prompt book. The entries will be added to the corresponding prompt chapter, along with the winning author's name and link to their profile. You also get some cool bragging rights!

For more information on each prompt, please refer to the rules and guidelines for each prompt in their corresponding chapter. If you have any questions or are still unsure of anything, don't hesitate to ask!

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