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(Y/N) P.O.V

"Sharon?"I asked.

"Yeah, and you get ready we have to go"my mom said.

"Where?"I asked.

"Shopping mall"my dad said.

"Why?"I asked.

"To buy you a suit"my mom said.

"When is the wedding?"I asked.

"Next week"my dad said.

"What?!"I said.

"Now go get ready"my mom said.

"We have so many works to do"my dad said.

"Like what?"I asked.

"To buy you a suit, design  wedding cards and etc"my mom said while pushing me to my room.

"Get ready fast"she said while closing the door.

"Okay"I said.

I changed my clothes and get ready.

I changed my clothes and get ready

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           (You wore this outfit)

I saw my parents were waiting for me.

"Let's go?"my dad ask.

"Yeah, let's go"I said.

We arrived at the shopping mall and buy the suit.

~Time Skip~

After we have done. I walk to my room and lay down and close my eyes. As I was about to sleep I heard a knock on my door. I open my door and saw my mom.

"Tell your teammates and your coach to come in you wedding and take this"my mom said while handling me the wedding card.

"Okay"I said while taking the card.

And I lay down my bed and sleep.

That's for today!

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