When he hugs you

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You can imagine how you met them. You can choose if your god or human, doesn't matter. Also I won't make you a shy-type girl/boy.

This for BOTH genders. Some chapters (For example: when you get your period) will only be for girls and then other chapters (For example: when you get an erection) will only be for boys. Both mostly for both genders.


He would hug you with so much love. His arms would be around your waist, sometimes he would even twirl you around for fun.


He would run to you but trip on way which resulted in both falling on ground. He would nervously laugh and apologize. You just shrugged and said it's fine. So he would hug you when you finally sat up. His hugs would always somehow involve in you getting hurt by his clumsiness.


He would yell to stay back, so were never able to hug him. Were surprised when one day he walked straight to you, not saying anything about misfortune. He just wrapped his arms around you and kissed your forehead, apolgozing for never hugging you.


He's so exciting and always jumps on you. He would be in a tree, waiting for you tow alk beneath it. then he would jump making you fall. He just laughs and kisses you all over your face while saying your pretty today. You smile and thank him.


He doesn't really hug you. He sometimes walks past and let's his arm go around your waist while he kisses your temple before he continues walking.


He would get red cheeks and begin stuttering weird stuff. Mostly excuses even though he hugged you first. You just laugh and hug him thightly so he would stop. He would calmly hug back and mumble your lucky he loves you.


He gives you lap hugs. If your wondering what a lap hug is, let me explain. Tsukito could be calmly reading with his bunny aside him when he sees you walk past. All he would do is take your wrist and pull you on his lap. Then his arm around you while his other held his book. His chin on your shoulder. You would just take the bunny and pet it because you couldn't move.


when class ends and you would be the only one there, packing bag still. He would hug you out of nowhere and hand you the book you forgot. He said to stop forgetting stuff at the library, then he leaves. Or he would just randomly hug you in the library. His hugs are always random but full with love.


He would see you laying on his bed, getting mad at your homework. He just jump on your waist and rub his head against your chest. You would just stroke his hair while his arms sneaked around your waist. That's how he also falls asleep.


He would sneak to behind you. Then he would hug you. You jump making him always laugh. Then he would begin kissing your neck so you would slap his head saying for him to not begin being a pervert. He pouted and said he's just showing his love to you.

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