chapter 36

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Rosie pov:-

2 months later

"Luna, king Alpha required your presence in the throne room", siya told from behind me. I nodded at her through the mirror. I placed my hand on my small bump, which was showing a little bit through my lavender color dress. With one more glance at my form I finally stood up and turned towards siya.

"You are glowing, luna", siya said excitedly clapping once, I let a small laugh at her reaction. I was starting to think that siya was probably getting paid to compliment me, that's why she never forgets to give me a small compliment. I mentally laughed at my own thought.

Siya led the way to the throne room, as usual the nervousness crept in me. Its been a week since I have started coming to the throne room but every time I feel the same nervousness, but soon after I sit next to Edward, all the nervousness flees away from me. I just sit next to him and listen to people worries. I never tried to put my input in any matters because I understand that I'm still learning, it will take more than years for me to completely learn about ruling and partially because of last time, I was not prepared to be embarrassed again and let Edward down. So I just kept quiet, listening and learning.

"Queen luna Rosie knight, in your attendance", the guard from inside shouted my presence as I made my entrance. All the members in the throne room stood up and bowed at me as I walked towards the throne. Two guards joined me as they escorted me to Edward. A smile crept on my face seeing Edward in the golden throne waiting for me. The public people cheered after me as I walked, my smile grew bigger at that.

He stood up and extended his hand towards me as I neared him. I placed my hand on his. He pulled me to him and wrapped his arms around my waist. We sat down on the golden throne, Edward didn't allow me to sit on the silver throne because he believed that we both were equal and we both deserved equal rights. Even the council members and other alpha were okay with this but who could dare say no to him.

"Take your seats", Edwards hard muscular voice rang around the throne room. Everyone sat in their respected place. The public also took their places. The meeting started, people came talking about their worries and needs.

"My respect to king Alpha and Queen luna", a girl who looked like she was just fifteen years old, bowed at us. Edward nodded at her to continue.

" My name is alice, I come from a small village from the east side. From my village we 25 members go to school in the other village, which is about 20 km away. We walk daily 20 km to reach the school because there is no transportation, some of our village members doesn't go to school because of this reason. We walk daily 20 km because there is no school in our village and there is no willing teacher to teach us without school or their salary.  I and my other friends bought this crisis to our village head but they gave no heed to our problem. So now I directly came to you king Alpha, please build a school in our village, other children's in my village will also get a chance to get educated", 
She finished with a deep breath and bowed at us, my eyes widened how she confidentiality said her problem without being scared of anyone. Her topic was very strong, her motive was clear. I looked at Edward who looked like he was in deep thought.

"Who is your village head?", Edward asked after a minute of thinking.

"Sivan Boston", she said confidentiality.

"Bring him to me", Edward order the guards, the guards rushed towards the man who was sitting behind in the second row of alphas. That man looked like he was in his mid twenties. He struggled to get out of the guards grip. The guards bought him before us, the man turned towards the girl and glared at her.

"King Alpha, this little girl right here is lying, she is just seeking attenti---", Edward raised his hand stopping that man in mid sentence. Sivan gulped scared.

"This same matter was bought before 4 months ago, isn't it? By the south east side alpha, alpha killian right?", Edward asked James, who searched some papers around before nodding.

"Alpha Killian", Edward called out, the Alpha stood from his thrown and walked towards the center and bowed at us.

"This matter was bought by you 4 months ago, right?", He asked alpha killian, who in return nodded his head.

"King alpha, as a solution you suggested to build a new school and plus a hospital in that village. I have given the place and money to Sivan Boston with the plan, here is the signed papers of my progression. I couldn't see to it because of other crisis arose around my area", alpha killian presented the papers to beta James. James read through the copy and confirmed it to us.

"You can go back to your seat, alpha Killian", he bowed us at and retreated back to his seat. We looked at Sivan who's head was bowed in ashame.

"So what's your excuse, Boston", Edward barked at Sivan who flinched and moved back in fear.

"Th...the w..wor..k", Edward stood up from his throne.

"Your head will roll on the ground, if you dared to lie to me", Edward growled at Sivan, his eyes were shining in golden announcing his wolf presence. I myself gulped in fear. Sivan fell on his knees and started crying.

" wi.. wife w..w... wish..ed f..for a diamo...nd nec.... necklace, she th.. th..reatened to leave i..if I didn't g...get to pl.. please he..r I used this m... money", he said crying, I felt pity towards him. I looked at Edward who looked very much furious.

"How dare you use the kingdom money for your own use? As a punishment you will be sentenced to twenty years in the prison, it will be a lesson to others, you will be stripped out of your position and your family will be royal servants. As for your wife who provoked you in committing the crime will be given punishment as working as a maid in the royal ship. That's my order and my order shall not be changed", he said finalizing his words before anyone could object. Sivan cried out asking for mercy but he got none. The guards dragged Sivan out. The throne room grew silent. I took a deep breath and with shaking hand I held Edwards hand in mine, who was still standing furious.

He turned towards me, his golden eyes returned back to normal. He sat back down on the throne and took a deep breath calming himself down.
He called out alice, who stood in a corner shaking with fear. She walked towards the center and bowed at us.

"A new school will be built within the time period of two months and best teachers will be appointed", the small girl grinned in happiness and clapped in excitement.

" Truly? Do you promise?", She asked excitedly extending her hand towards us, I heard a few gasps around the throne room. But Edward gave no heed towards other, he chuckled softly which made me laugh with him. He took my hand and stood up. We walked down the stairs and neared towards the little girl. He placed our both hands on her small extended palm.



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