chapter seven

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IF AMBROSE WAS FORCED TO CHOOSE HIS FAVORITE THING ABOUT HOGWARTS, HE WOULD CHOOSE THE FEASTS- SECOND ONLY TO THE HOGSMEADE VISITS. There was just something about the visits to the magical village that gave Ambrose so much happiness; perhaps it was being able to see how people truly lived in the Wizarding World, as opposed to the muggle world that he was so accustomed to.

(The happiness was actually because of the candy store, Honeydukes.)

Ambrose loved most things about Hogwarts, actually. He loved the magic stairways, even though they were bloody frustrating, because they were always a good excuse to use when he was late to class. Sorry Professor, the stairs brought me to a whole new floor worked every time. The students were mostly decent, even if quite a few of them seemed to hate him a lot. The ghosts were brilliant-he had nearly cried when he had realized that he was going to a school with actual ghosts flying around, holy hell- even though Peeves the Poltergeist always seemed to know when he was having a bad day so that he could make it worse. The professors were mostly calming and considerate, excluding Snape, and over all Ambrose was really thankful to get to go to the school.

The only things that topped ghosts and talking portraits and mirrors that critiqued your outfit were the feasts and the Hogsmeade visits. Students from third year and up were allowed access to what Ambrose viewed as the coolest place ever, granted that they gain parents' permission. The fact that students had to wait to gain access to Hogsmeade only made the freedom feel so much better. The feasts were so amazing for obvious reasons; an abundance of amazing food, a theme with nice decorations, Ambrose could go on and on.

The fact that there was both a Hogsmeade weekend and a feast on Ambrose's favorite holiday-Halloween-made him absolutely ecstatic. Yet, no matter how happy he was, he still was no where near the level of excited as Dean Thomas.

Ambrose's awakening had been enough to prove this; he had been jumped on at six thirty in the morning, with a lot of shouting included. In his sleepy state he didn't manage to catch more than "Hogsmeade" "finally" and some words that he had a feeling Dean wouldn't dare say in front of his mother when Ambrose didn't immediately jump out of bed.

"Alright, I'm awake. I'm awake, Dean, Christ!" Ambrose shrieked embarrassingly high when his friend took to using his wand to send streams of water towards him. Totally not how he wanted to wake up, but it worked nonetheless.

"Sorry!" Dean laughed, smirking at him. Like hell you are, prat. "But it's the first Hogsmeade visit! Well, of this year, although it's my first ever!"

Ambrose, seizing the opportunity to make fun of his friend, started jumping up and down and flapping his arms around energetically, while mocking him and how high his voice had risen. He only lasted for just over a minute before bursting out into giggles, unable to handle the look on Dean's face.

Dean opened his mouth indignantly, clearly about to retaliate, but revenge was done for him. Distracted by joking around with Dean, Ambrose had completely forgotten his surroundings, but he was quickly reminded when a pillow was thrown at the back of his head.

(If anyone was to ask Ambrose, he would tell them that he hadn't actually fallen over. Dean was an over-exaggerator and had it in for him.)


Hogsmeade was just as amazing as always. He had honestly missed the trips to the village during the summer, and it was nice to be back. When he looked to his side and saw the wonder and interest shining in both Dean and Seamus Finnigan's eyes, he decided that it was even better when he was with newcomers.

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