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Caroline's POV :

The morning sunlight hit my face .
I woke up sleepy looking like a zombie .

Suddenly I got aware about the strong arms holding me tight .

I lifted up my face to see my prince charming - Aron .

I didn't wanna wake him up , he looked so cute sleeping . So peaceful and so handsome. 

After some time he woke up and his beautiful eyes met mine .

"Good morning princess !!" He said kissing my forehead .

"Good morning Aron . "

"Someone was staring at me all these while.  " He said winking at me. 

"Really ? I don't know what you are talking about . " I said . Obviously lying .

"Yes.  I feel used . " He said winking at me. 

"Shut up Aron . Get up now . "
I said throwing a pillow at him. 

I went to the washroom and came out after finishing my work .

I went downstairs to prepare breakfast . Pulling my hair into a messy bun I headed towards the kitchen . Just when I was about to enter into the kitchen , I saw something falling .

It was a flower vase . A broken flower vase !!!

How did this fall ? Then suddenly whatever happened last night flashed into my mind !!!

What's happening ? Was their someone here yesterday ?

Then suddenly I felt someone pat my back.  I turned back to see Hannah. 

"What happened Caro ? What are you thinking ? "

"Nah it's just this flower vase . I came here at night yesterday and I felt as if someone was here . But I couldn't see exactly . I heard the sound of something falling . And now I see this broken flower vase . "

"May be that was a cat or something .
Don't worry . There was no one here. "

"How are you so sure ?"

"Umm .. just like that . Never mind . Come on . Let's prepare breakfast . "

Just then I noticed her face . It was as if she could hardly sleep yesterday . Her eyes were red , as if she had been crying all night . She wasn't in her usual chirpy mood and was rather quite today . I immediately knew that something had happened.

"Hannah ?"

"Yes ?"

"Are you fine ?"

She got tensed , but immediately composed herself .

"Yeah .... Umm why ?"

"No . Just asked like that .

"Fine . "

"Hannah , you know right you can share anything with me ?"

"Yah.  "

"So if you wanna say anything , you can tell me . "

"No . There's nothing baby.  Chill . "

"Fine ." I said caressing her face .

We went into the kitchen and I prepared some sandwich while Hannah helped me .

"Nick , Alec , Angel , Aron , Jordan come downstairs quickly . The breakfast is ready . " I shouted .

"Jordan isn't here.  " Hannah whispered .

"What !! He was here last night I guess . "

"Yea.  He was here till 2 am . After that he went . "

"He went away at 2 am ? But why ? "

"Work . He had some work . "

"Okay ."  
Now am sure something is wrong .

Then Angel came running downstairs towards the kitchen .

"Sorry guys . Am so sorry . Am late . Actually I slept late at night yesterday so couldn't get up early.  Am sorry ....."

"Chill babes. Chilll . It's fine . We have already prepared the breakfast . No worries.  "

She gave us a smile and helped us to serve the breakfast .

"Princess !!!! Please bring the food quickly.  "

"Yes coming !!!!" I shouted .

We served them breakfast and we all sat together to eat .

"Wow Caro !!!! Sandwiches !!!" Nick shouted .

"Yes I made them for you and Hannah . You guys love them right ?"

"Yaaaaaaaaa.  "

"Nick stop behaving like a kid man !!! You already have a girlfriend ." I said pushing him .

Then suddenly Hannah got up from her seat .

"What happened Hannah ?" Nick asked .

"No it's nothing.  I just do t feel like eating.  "

"Why ?" I asked .

"Just like that.  "

"Hannah come on eat . Else am gonna complain Jordan !!" Nick said .

She immediately froze listening to Jordan's name.  And ran upstairs .

"See someone is blushing !!!" Nick shouted. 

"Stop it Nick . " I shouted and ran upstairs .

I opened the door of Hannah's room and saw her sitting in the balcony .

She was crying . Yes !!! She was crying like hell . It was heartbreaking to see her like this .

I went near her and held her face .
She hugged me tight and started crying .

"Hannah what happened ?"

" I destroyed everything Caro . I destroyed everything . "

"What do you mean ?"

"I told Jordan about it.  "

"What !!!!"


Hey guys .
Am back !!!

Sorry guys . Short chapter.
But I love cliffhangers and you hate them 😂😂

Don't throw potatoes on me 😂😂

Fine.  Now keep guessing untill I update next. 

Happy reading guys. 

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