Chapter 19 (The Permission)

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Taehyung's POV~~~

Our hug ended soon after Jungkook stopped crying. My shirt was wet from his tears but that seems to be the last thing I am concerned about. "I forgive you Jungkook, but you should also ask forgiveness from (Y/N)." "Yeah," He says as we both get up.

"Do you still like (Y/N)?" Jungkook asked out of the blue as we both stood up. I was literally surprised by his question. Dude, I love her! "Yeah, I do..." "Then the problem is solved!" "Huh?"

"I can repay you both by bringing you both together. Don't worry I will make her crush on you develop into a love for you!" We just confessed a few hours ago! "Really?!" "Yeah really. Now let's go, I will apologize to (Y/N) now."

"You know what I just feel weird. I was loving a girl so much just a few minutes ago that I betrayed my hyung and now I am going to make them together." He talked while we were walking, and I just stared at him also not believing what just happened.

"Hmm... She should be in her house by now." I say more in a thinking manner. "Maybe, but we should also check the park." Jungkook had got a point. We turned towards the park firstly, as it was near to our current location.

We searched the park but couldn't find her, so we headed towards her house. "Umm... Can we meet Miss. (Y/N)" I said to the maid that opened the door to (Y/N)'s ravishing house. "May I know who you both are?" "Oh, we are her class fellows. We... we need to discuss our assignment."

"Young madam is currently not at home. She didn't arrive yet." Not even at home! Where could she be? "Thank you. We may go now." I said and we both left. After leaving, Jungkook and I turned towards each other with a look of confusion and worry.

Maybe she is there...

"Jungkook you can go home, I will search a few places." "You really like her don't you hyung?" I blush at his statement. "Yes, I do. Now go!" I said shooing him away. He just laughed at my flustered state and went away.

I fastened my steps as I get nearer to the place I was looking for. Seriously there are so many memories made here. As I reached the hill of the park, I heard light sobs coming from the other side, so I quickly went there.

I saw a petite frame that I loved the most, crying while cupping her face, so busy that not even taking the notice of someone's presence. She only got to know I was here when I engulfed her in a loving hug. She was startled but then recognized me and hugged me back.

"He isn't going to forgive me. Oh, I am such a bad person!" "Shush... Calm down jagiya." "How could I hurt someone so bad?!" I just tightened my embrace. "You did nothing. Listen to me!" My voice went higher and more serious than I wanted it to be, which made her scared and she stopped crying though tears were still on the verge of spilling.

I felt bad for scaring a girl even more. I cupped her face so she could see the seriousness in my eyes. "(Y/N) Jungkook completely understood what you were trying to say. He even was searching for you in order to ask for forgiveness. He realized his mistake and that it was not loving. I know he is a little confused now, but he literally is sorry. And I forgave him so should you, Remember our Promise?"

Her crying stopped and she was trying to find any hint of lying in my eyes but failed. She was so vulnerable right now, I don't want to see her like this. My heart ache's whenever she is sad. This may sound cliché but is true.

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