Chapter 8: Dinner After A Crime

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The day seems to pass by to quickly. A few hours just after the Napoleon Conundrum had passed but it felt like a very long time, Sherlock, John, and I didn't bother to speak to each other, but I stayed for a while, reading some past cases of Sherlock to my own delight, but the tension suggests the fact that I had to get some fresh air. Soon as I felt this I decided that it was time to go out for a while. I went with my gut to the Speedy's café just located down our flat.

The cold air kissed my cheek as I sip the hot tea that I ordered, I pulled my coat closer to me as I placed the cup down. It was getting darker as the day comes to an end. The air got colder as the sun started to set. My mind was surprisingly at ease despite all the events that took place. I think it was the fact that Sherlock said the right thing; wait.
Out of everything he said today that was one of the few words that made sense to me. He was right. Whoever it is that we're dealing with is smart. If he wanted to start a war he would have released everything already, but he didn't. But what could it be that he wants?

'Fancy a company?' A man with his deep sultry voice asks; Sherlock. 'Please.' I said gesturing the only chair in front of me. Sherlock didn't hesitate and sat down immediately. 'I've never seen someone do that tony brother.' He started, I looked at him, through his striking blue eyes for a moment, and I don't what it is that came over me but I started giggling. And to my surprise, so did Sherlock. 'Don't tell me you haven't done that to him as well.' I asked him knowing the fact that they didn't have the best of relationships. 'I always do, but its just in here.' He said pointing to his head with a small smirk evident on his face.

I stopped smiling once I realised what he was trying to do. 'Sociopath, eh?' I asked him making him lose his smirk. 'Hmm?' He asked pretending not to hear what I just said.

'So, you call yourself a sociopath but- you're trying to make me feel better? Who would have thought.' I grinned happily as I sipped some tea. Oh, he just got busted.

He sat there silent for a while as if he was thinking. He glanced at the world in front of us. All the cars and people passing us by, the cold air, and the darkening day. I can tell that he never really have done this- looking at the world. 'Do you ever wonder what could be going on in their little head? Must be boring.' Sherlock blurts out a moment after, completely dodging my question. 'Have you ever wondered if someone who describes himself as a sociopath really is?' I asked him mockingly as I stifled a laugh. 'Oh, God.' He retorted standing up to his feet as he pulled his coat to himself, and tighten up his scarf. 'Where are you going?' I asked now serious as he brought out his phone. 'To a case.' He said typing something. 'What? You mean right now?' I asked as I furrowed my eyebrows due to confusion.

'Yes right now. You coming?' He asked.
'If you want me too?'
'Course could be a little distraction.' He replied.

I then stood up receiving a glint of satisfaction from Sherlock's eyes. He then lead us to walk on the pavement as he called for a taxi. Soon after, we sat quietly on the backseat as I tapped my fingers through a steady beat.

'Piano.' Sherlock said.

'Hmm, what?' I asked.

'You played the piano.'

'Claire does.' I replied talking about my real name.

'Claire? Is that another mask of yours?' He asked looking out of his window.

'No, unfortunately. I wished she was though. But no, she's the lady behind the mask.' I said as I looked out of my window watching as the day finally closed on itself.
'Ah, so I know something about you.' He said victorious of his findings. 'True, but not much.' I retorted. Then the cab fell silent again, but I didn't like the silence it scares me.

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