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Taehyung's POV

Jimin. Who was he for me? A friend? No, Someone more than that. Someone who knew the real me, someone who understood me. But, someone who hid himself from me, someone who lied to me.

I wish I wasn't this late.

That was the first day of my schooling in Seoul, where I had just shifted with Hyuna. I hated her so much, she never realised what agony I was going through a long time ago. She had just left me a long ago, but then someone entered my life who understood.


As soon as the teacher introduced me to the classroom, I took a seat beside someone while the girls stared at me.

This always happen, I have always been the kingka.

He was the first one who ignored my high five. But, nevermind, I wasn't upset.

Being noticed by someone could give you pain as well, so being ignored is always just better somehow.

Hours passed and I sat blank while the teachers blurted out some things and then left. It took a long time, but finally it was recess time.

I left the classroom in a hurry and tried finding the canteen, but instead stopped by a window. "IT'S SNOWING!" I yelled and ran out.

Snow has always been the best thing. At least it's white and pure, and never could hurt anyone intentionally, unlike humans who try to hurt others.

Taking a handful of snow, I made a ball and tried to roll it on the ground to make a Mr. Snowman, but in vain.

I sighed. That was when I found out that "I AM A SNOW DRAGON!" I yelled and sprang around, spewing vapour at everyone's face.

I entered the classroom, where my already-assumed best friend, Jimin was sitting. There was another girl there, the one I had met a while ago in the corridor, the one who was shedding tears.

"AGHHHH!!!" I yelled. "I am a dragon!" The girl rolled her eyes and left the room. She was just cold, colder than that Min Yoongi who had just said that f word.

I sat beside that person who was left in the room with me. "Hi." I said. "I am Taehyung." "Jimin." He smiled.

"Don't you have any friends? Why don't you go out and enjoy?" I asked him. "I have some, but they aren't real." I nodded. "I can completely understand." I hugged him and he reluctantly hugged back.

"I can be your friend, the real one." I said to which he happily nodded. "Let's go out." I held his wrist and pulled him out of the school building into the campus.

There were already many people there, some chatting around, some making snow angels while I could spot someone sitting alone in the corner, doing something that didn't matter to me.

"Jimin-ah, let's make a snowman." I said and we started making one. He helped me make the smaller ball when we had already made the bigger one, which was not so big though.

Two girls came near us. One of them was her. Hyuna.

"Taehyung, isn't that your name?" Said the other one. I nodded. "Such a nice name! Mine is Sohyun." She extended her arms for a handshake, which I reluctantly did. "Did you make that snowman? So cool!" She said.

"Tae, let's go away." Jimin said and I started following him when Sohyun held my wrist. "Taehyungie~" she cooed, irritating me. "Why don't you come with me. And, why the hell are you with this shit?" Her words were making me angry, but I somehow controlled myself by clenching my palm.

"Jimin, let's go away from here." I kicked the snowman which we had made and walked away with Jimin.

He started making another ball and I made mine when suddenly, he threw it on me!

Opening my mouth wide, I quickly made one too and threw it on him. We were so busy in laughing and running around that we never noticed when the whole school got involved in our snowball fight.

I wasn't even making balls out of snow anymore. I was just picking up a handful of snow and throwing it on anyone who was close enough until all of a sudden, I threw it on someone on whom I shouldn't have thrown it at.

We never make mistakes, just happy little incidents.

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