Love can last through anything 1!!!

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Ok this is my first story so tell me what you guys think ...

love can last through anything !!! (werewolf)

Temperance White - Nickname tempy, 17, Dark brown hair with purple, red and blue streaks, 5'6, naturaly skinnky, tanned, green eyes,

a black rose tattoo and a belly ring and toung piercing.

Jack White - 5, blond hair, blue eyes, brother to tempy.

Alice White - 2, nickname ally, blond hair, chubby, blue eyes, sister to tempy and jack.

Peter White - 36, blond hair, blue eyes, father to tempy, jack, and ally.

Rain Smith - 18, werewolf, black hair, brown eyes, alpha, tanned, 6'1, fur colour black with white spots.

Will - 17, werewolf, brown hair, blue eyes, tanned, 6'0, fur colour brown with dark blue.

Jacob - 18, werewolf, black hair, gold eyes, tanned, 6'1, fur colour light brown with black.

Gabriel - 17, werewolf, brown hair, brown eyes, tanned, 6'2, fur colour brown.

Rob- 18, werewolf, brown hair, blue eyes, tanned, 6'1, fur color black.

Stefan - 16, werewolf, black hair with green streaks , gold eyes, tanned, 5'10, fur colour black with green and blue.

next page will be chapter 1

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