I was finally in the heart of the west wing, just before the doors where the Beast awaited me. I summoned only Two Across this time and pushed through the wooden double doors. It was in the beasts room that I saw the beast and Saix in front of him. It looked like they had already been in a scuffle. And then I saw the precious rose that Lumiere and Cogsworth mentioned. It was very enchanting, it glowed with the same light of its pink color and encased in a beautiful glass vase. I wanted to lift the glass top to get a closer look; three petals have fallen.

            The Beast looked over at me as he growled, "Who are you?! Get out of my castle!"

            "She's with me," Saix answered. "So she won't be leaving anytime soon."

            The Beast roared viciously, it echoed throughout the entire castle. "What do you want with me?"

            "I told you, we want you forgetful and forgotten."

            "And I will be taking care of that," I said.

            The Beast looked back at me, "You?!"

            "Or I could just take what I really want now, that beautiful brunette in the east wing."

            He roared. "You won't get anywhere near her!"

            He came charging toward me, and swung his arm, prepared to claw me, but I had already flip over him and landed on my feet. He turned toward me as I had my head turned to him. He lifted his arm to swing again, so I quickly blocked him and we stood at a halt, pushing back and the forth. The sound of his claws, clashing, and scratching my blade. I then rushed him by electrocuting his hand and pushing him back. He came back again, so before I could lose my footing and be trumped by his brute strength, I jabbed his stomach and gave him a blowing hit to the head as I spun up in the air, sending him to the ground. He shook his head from the blow and lifted up partially.

            "Why are you doing this? What have I ever done to you?" Beast asked.

            "Why? To return something that belongs someone else, and what? Absolutely nothing, but right now you are an obstacle to something greater."

            I pointed my keyblade at him and let the darkness swerve around him like snakes. His eyes widened in fear at the sight of the darkness, but in that small moment, little did he realize that it was slowly corrupting him.         

            "Alright let's go get. Belle," Saix said. "We don't need to watch, the darkness will take care of him."

            Before the doors closed behind us I heard the Beast mutter one last word of his consciousness, one name. "Belle...."

            Soon he would not know or remember anyone, his servants, Belle, and his friends if he ever had any. He would know neither friend nor foe, just attack, seeing anyone or anything as a threat. He wouldn't even know himself anymore, who he was, or where he came from, all he'd know is that he was a monster, a Beast. He would be his appearance. He would act, and think more like a beast than he ever did.

            We then left on to east wing and up the stairs to Belle's room. We barged through her door, seeing no one in sight, even the talking wardrobe was gone. We walked over to the other side of the room and looked out to see Belle, and all of her enchanted friends that I had met earlier, were running through the courtyard in the stormy weather, trying to escape.

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