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Peter's pov

"Kristen" I knelt and was using my hand to rub her face,am not really comfortable about seeing my daughter naked

Holland removed her long jacket and wore it for her and tied the rope so it won't remove.

She cant be dead

"Kristen,I know you are somewhere in there, listen to me,you are all I have left, you don't leave me please, your mother left, she left you for me please don't go please" I started crying.

Holland's pov

"P-p-peter" I whispered and touched his shoulders, but he's just so down right now that I myself couldn't say anything, I failed her, I failed Kristen.

"I was meant to save her alive, not as stone cold dead." I whispered and tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Patty do-do- do you copy" Peter sniffles

"Yes deputy where are you" she answered

"I have found her, tell the search parties to cancel" he answered and kept the talkie walkie.

He kissed Kristen's hair and carried her

"Should we leave now" I asked

"Yeah sure" he answered and led the way

"You know, that girl ain't dead" the voice said

"She's fucking dead, what else, you told me to save her but now she's Dead, am never gonna be able to forgive myself for this. And you just-just shut up you have done enough damage" I cussed and rushed to Peter who was already half way to his car.

Peter's pov

"Holland, you can go home" I said

"But what about you, are you gonna be okay" she asked

Oh Holland she's such a good kid

"Yes thank you" I said and she turned

"Wait" I stopped her

"Yes Mr mccall" she replied,i could see guilt in her eyes

"Thank you, for everything" I said and she nodded and ran.

I entered and switched on the light, I looked at Kristen and went to lay her on her bed.

"Goodnight my beloved" I sobbed and closed the door gently


I ran back to the hospital but no way for me to go back to my ward.

Okay I just need to calm down , I closed my eyes and took a deep breath

I was about trying floating again but then I found a ladder

Smart choice.!!!

I placed the ladder on the wall and entered my ward, it's pretty dark in here

I gently got on the bed and the lights turned on


Kristen's pov

I sneezed thrice and opened my eyes, I am naked

And this jacket smells like-like Holland

Oh yeah about Holland.

I got up and went to stand before my mirror

My eye flashed red

"Don't forget what I said" a voice reminded me Softly

"Oh I won't" I replied

"Eliminate holland" the voice commanded

"With pleasure" I replied and smirked

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