Chapter 7

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Tara's POV

All I wanna do is stay in bed forever I can't bear to see Chris after what's happened. I keep over thinking about the 'incident' do you think I should sort it out with Chris? I really do want to but how will I talk to him about it when I just don't know how to start.

Then Pariss texted me.

Pariss: Hey Tara you coming to Chris' party tomorrow night? I heard it's going to be amazing. I'm gonna ask Ethan of he can come so you can finally meet him!

Tara: Do you think I should come? After what happened yesterday?

Pariss: Forget about what happened yesterday and just come and have fun!

Tara: Okay okay ill come :)

So apparently this party is going to be the party of the year tons of people coming loud music just everything you want at a party lets hope I have a good night.


I went over to Pariss' house and we got ready. I decided to wear a maroon skater skirt with a long sleeved black crop top. Pariss is wearing a white lace dress I think it looks amazing on her.

We met up with Ethan and went over to Chris' house. Ethan's a really nice guy his got light brown hair his a little shorter than me but his just a really friendly guy I can really see them two dating.

When we were about ten houses away from Chris' house we could hear the music it was amazing I think this party will be the best party.

As we walked into his house there was already hundreds of people there i couldn't believe it. I noticed Chris straight away and I tried avoiding him, I really don't know why it just made me feel better to avoid him then approach him I know that sounds really bad!

Just as I thought Pariss was with me I noticed her and Ethan hooking up. I guess it'll be me, myself and I tonight.

I tried blending in with the crowd on the dance floor but I saw Chris and made an escape.

I went outside and decided to watch the stars what a romantic thing to do by yourself. Then Chris came strolling out the door he must've seen me omg I probably look like an idiot.

"Hey, you going to ignore me forever?" Chris sounded quite sad.

"No I just don't know how to talk to you about what happened, I'm gonna go see what Pariss is up to byee," Of course I get embarrassed and have to leave again what a lame excuse 'I'm gonna go see what Pariss is up to' what am I her mother?! I'm so dumb!

Chris' POV

Why does she keep running off on me?! Why can't she just let me tell her HANNA KISSED ME! I didn't kiss Hanna. Why would I wanna kiss Hanna when I have a beautiful girlfriend.

I had to do something that would tell her how much I love her. So I've decided to make an announcement, I walked up onto a stage and got a microphone.

Tara's POV

I watched Chris slowly walk up onto the stage everyone was watching even Pariss and Ethan stopped kissing to watch. Why is Chris going on stage?

Chris' POV

Okay I'm going to do it I'm just going to tell her how much I love her.

"Hey guys, I just want to tell you all how beautiful and perfect my girlfriend Tara is over there," I pointed in the distance noticing her smiling.

Then I started singing Just the way you are by Bruno Mars.

"Cause girl your amazing just the way you are," I sang staring right at her the whole way I hope the message comes across.

I had finished the song and all I wanted was to talk to Tara she was the only thing on my mind. By now everyone had gone back to dancing or doing whatever they were doing.

"Tara I love you so much please just listen Hanna kissed me I didn't kiss her," I confessed hoping she would know I'm not lying.

"That was the most amazing thing anyone has ever done for me," a tear ran down her face "I love you and don't want anything to happen again between us,"

I reached down and kissed her it was just like what people say there was fireworks!

At least I know now I won't have to worry about telling her what really happened.

Pariss' POV

Wow just wow that's just the cutest thing ever. Maybe Ethan will do that for me one day.

I watched the way Chris looked at Tara it was just the cutest. I mean like Ethan hasn't even asked me out yet and we've been kissing and acting like a couple and stuff. I really don't get it.

But Tara and Chris are perfect they may fight but they make it up in the end.

Tara's POV

Omg I just can't believe what Chris just did that was indescribable, words just can't simply explain what that was.

This has just became the most best night of my life.

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