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taehyung couldn't resist namjoon whenever he decided to wear one of his hoodies.

with taehyung's shoulders being more wide than his, the sweatshirt always exposed his collarbones or one side would slip lower than the other and show off his beautiful sun kissed skin. and everytime it did, taehyung had to fight the urge to just bite him, to mark him so if anyone saw, they'd know to stay away.

namjoon would become shy whenever taehyung began to act on his urges and nibble at his neck and collarbones but he secretly loved the attention, and of course taehyung knew.

and here they sat, in a small café shop they liked to visit on saturdays, when they had the time.

namjoon was munching on a brownie that had colored chocolate chips sprinkled in the chocolate icing on top. taehyung sat across from him, smiling fondly at the way namjoon ate messy.

he quickly noticed that the chocolate began to spread onto the corners of his boyfriend's lips so he quickly reached over to wipe it away with his thumb and clean it with his tongue.

namjoon blushed at the gesture and covered his mouth, trying to hide his smile like he always did when he was shy.

"thank you, tae tae," he said, his mouth full.

taehyung smiled at the nickname and began to sip at his hot chocolate, "no problem, baby."

just as namjoon was about to speak, their waiter came up to them with a slice of red velvet cake and placed it in front of namjoon and said, "this is for you, that man over there paid for it."

they both quickly looked towards where their waiter pointed and spotted the man.

namjoon turned a dark shade of red because not a lot of people had been so confident to show their interest in him

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namjoon turned a dark shade of red because not a lot of people had been so confident to show their interest in him. the only person that did and didn't seem like a bad person was taehyung himself.

speaking of the demon in disguise, his blood was boiling. the over protective side of him was clawing it's way to the surface and he was pretty sure it was beginning to show on his face because a soft, warm hand placed itself on top of his clenched fist and he quickly turned to look at namjoon.

"tae, it's okay. we can just leave-"

"how the fuck am I supposed to leave when a douchebag like that has the nerve to flirt with someone that's obviously taken? someone that's mine?"

namjoon gulped and snuck a glance at the man to see him staring still, a smirk on his lips as he played with one of the multiple rings on his hand. namjoon could see the hunger in the man's eyes and when the man licked his lips, he shuddered.

and not in the pleasurable way.

taehyung must have noticed too, because he growled and slid into the booth next to namjoon and kissed him fiercely. namjoon yelped at the force but kissed him back, his mind quickly becoming foggy from the way taehyung kissed him.

taehyung pushed namjoon down against the booth seat as he did. he could feel the man's eyes on them and he smirked into the kiss.

there had been many moments taehyung caught people staring at namjoon; his cute little ass that taehyung loved to eat out, his thick lips taehyung loved to see swollen from his kiss or his cock.

it infuriated him when he noticed them, because most of the time taehyung was there holding his hand, yet they still showed their interest.

taehyung thought that he'd been not too obvious on their relationship, and this was the first step in doing the opposite.


{ bro spotlight by mx started playing when I finished this and I'm in class and I wanna get up and dance so bad this song is a ultra bop. and I'm aware this is bad it was rushed }

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