The Mountain- It begins

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Clarke sat down on the ground by the door for a few while thinking about what to do next and she had an idea. She decided to take a different approach to things this time around so when she stood up and looked at the window and saw Maya on the other room that Monty had been in a while ago, she didn't brake anything, no camera, no window. She simply stood there watching her. According to what Maya said the last time they were in this situation and Clarke had a piece of glass near her throat, she was next to be released from Quarantine so all she did was turn around and sit back on the bed and waited and that gave her more time to think.

As much as she would like to be able to get all of her friends out of this place, she knew she couldn't do it, especially not by herself or even right now. Not only because of the number of them that are in here and how difficult it would have been to get them all to escape the way she did and would probably have to do so again but because when Bellamy was sent back in here to infiltrate the Mountain, he is going to need their help to disable the acid fog and their defenses as well as resist the Mountain so there's that.

But most of all, she needed to guarantee that she got to Anya in the harvest chamber so she had roughly 2 to 3 days to gather as much information on this place as she can so that the two of them get the hell out of here then as she thought about it, it would take a day before she got back to camp and then two days or something before Lexa comes to their door with her army and another half day before Clarke would be summoned to speak with her girlfriend so she needed to be sure to time everything perfectly so nothing would go wrong.

She hoped that this time Anya would be able to get to Lexa to talk to her. Clarke regretted not being able to save Anya, she should have known better than to just appear in the middle of the night covered in mud and expect her people not to think it was a grounder attack. She felt extremely sorry later on when she discovered how much Lexa cared about Anya even if she didn't say the words out loud, it was clear to see and Clarke would do whatever she could to spare the woman she loves the pain of losing someone so dear to her.
It took a few hours before her door was opened and someone in the suit came in and took her away and to a room where there were clothes laid out for her and the person spoke. "You can change into these clothes, then I will proceed to take you to level 5". The person said before exiting the room. She stripped down from the white clothes she had and put on the new. A light green shirt, dark grey pants, sneakers and a light grey jacket. She quickly got dressed and knocked on the door and it opened and she was ushered outside where there were two guards waiting for her in the elevator and level 5 was pressed and she waited.

Meanwhile in the woods, Bellamy ran and ran with a spear in his hands while looking back to check that no grounder was following him until he came across Monroe and another boy and he almost threw a spear at them before he ushered them to get down. "You were followed?" Monroe asked him but he shushed her. "Have you seen Finn and Wells?" he asked them. "They are alive?" the boy asked and he nodded. "They were but we got separated. We knew the fire was coming so we ran but one of them followed. How'd you guys get out?" he asked them suspiciously.

"We saw the Ark come down and we thought we could get help. Piece came this way, Monroe thinks is Mecha but I,..." the boy was saying lies when they heard horse sounds and voices. "Follow me. Stay low and quiet." Bellamy said to them as they started following the sound through the woods until they got view of three boys being pulled by ropes and a grounder on a horse pulling them. They could make out Finn and Wells but not the third one who fell on the ground. "On your feet." Tristan called out over his should as the boys helped the other one up.

"Come on, man. You have to get up, come on. We're almost there." Wells said out of breath as well, they had been walking for hours without water or anything, they were dehydrated and tired of the fighting and escaping and the grounder was not wasting time waiting for them to rest. Wells crouched down to the guy and tried to lift him up by the arm but he didn't have the strength to get the guy back up. "Finn, give me a hand. Come on." Wells said to the boy who held the guy's other arm and they almost had him up and walking when he fell forward again
"He can't keep up." Finn called out and the grounder got down from his horse and pulled the boy away and towards him and without mercy, slit his throat as the others watched. "That is one. I lost 300 hundred." Tristan said to them as he moved closer with his sword and the boys moved back falling down as he came closer and offer a canteen of water to them. "Drink. You're lucky. I need you alive to talk to the Commander." He said to them as they shared the water. "Get up." Tristan said and went back to his horse and continued pulling them along as the others followed from behind the trees.

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