Chapter Forty One - Queen of Kuliara

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Ava's back was slumped against the cell wall, the cement chilling her body. Her one boot was placed on the floor, while the other dangled on the edge of her bed. The bed was stiff and had no pillow. It would be hell to sleep on tonight but something told her she wouldn't be getting much sleep anyways.

Glass was found on the right and left walls, steel metal bars locking her in to the front of her. Keeping her eyes fixated on the floor she had managed to not look her friends in the eyes yet.

Silence between them all was new since the main bridge landing. This could have been the longest any of them had gone without speaking while all together. 

Her thoughts devoured all her energy and attention anyways. She wasn't sure what to even say. An apology wouldn't even be a place to start. There's no apologizing for the mess she had gotten them all in. She took the silence as a way to think, and plan a way out.

Her mind failed her. The harder she tried to focus, the more her guilt pushed to surface.

After a while this overwhelming guilt consumed her, and she let it stay. There was no strength in her to push it away or ignore it. She had fought for so much, but she should have fought harder. 

The goal seemed impossible to grasp now. 

"Is it true?" Theo finally spoke. His back was facing her, and he leaned his head on his fist that touched the back of his cell wall. "About your abilities?"

She hesitated for a moment, realized the moment she confirmed, it would mean she would lose Theo's trust completely. "Yes."

"Damn it!" his shout echoed throughout the cells and he punched the wall. Hissing, he spat, "Why didn't you tell us?" His eyes were red, full of anger as they blazed like flames through her. Theo's anger was much more than her failing to explain her abilities. He felt powerless, betrayed.

She didn't dare try to reach out to sense Xander's feelings. Or Ira's. Theo's was enough to make her want to bury herself far from everyone and everything. Then, maybe, she couldn't hurt anyone.

"Why!" Theo pressed further and she looked to him with teary eyes. There was no remorse in his.

"I was aware of my abilities at a young age, but I never saw the power of it until my training began. When my abilities became more attuned on the Acquiescence I didn't know what to do really, or how to tell you or anyone. I wasn't even sure myself what my abilities were-" she paused. "It would have meant that my home, my life, everything I knew would have been wrong. I thought if just pushed it away, ignored the meaning of it-"

"That what? You would have been normal, like us from Earth?" Ira laughed to herself. "You knew of that chance, and I think deep inside you you already knew you weren't one of us. That frightened you. Hell, as it would me too if I were in your situation. But you didn't even regard that we were your family, and we could have helped you."

"Helped me?" She stood up from the bed. Now she was angry. "How exactly were you going to help me? We couldn't go asking others about my abilities on the Acquiescence without suspicions arising. They could have found who I really am."

"And who are you?" Ira's voice echoed chillingly.

Ava was silent. 

"The only thing that I know fully is I'm not from Earth."

"You aren't just Ava anymore. You are a Queen," Ira shook her head.

"A Queen?" Ava laughed out loud. "What are you-"

"Don't act like you're innocent!" Theo yelled banging his cell bars, shaking them. This frightened her, even Ira. Silence echoed between them all once again. 

"A Queen?" Ava whispered trying to think. 

"Your kind friend Jav told us," Theo hissed. "Who even is that guy? How do you know him?"

She thought hard on finding a hidden memory of the first place she saw Jav, but there was none. The only one she had was from the memories he gave her of the world splitting apart around them. Then, the realization hit. "Kuliara," Ava whispered. She had figured it out. That world was where she knew Jav and it must have been her home. 

"We don't have forever Ava, we are getting executed in the morning. Well, all of us except you-"

"Kuliara," she said. 

"The planet?" Xander spoke for the first time. 

"Yes. Back at Joyce's Palace Jav had touched me and he gave me memories. Memories of a world's ground cracking, mountains perishing within seconds, and there's only one planet that kind of destruction looked like."

"Kuliara," Xander sat down. His cell was next to hers and she could see his mind turning through the glass.

"So you believe this memory?" Theo huffed. 

"You believed Jav," she spat back.

Theo said nothing in response.

"In this memory I was there, and so was my mother. We were there for the destruction of the planet. Jav and his mother were also present. That's how I know him. Somehow our families are connected. But I'm not sure why. He doesn't tell me much."

"Not surprising. To him, you are the rarest jewel, and he won't let anything stand in his way of using you."

"I have to let him."

"What?" Theo was even angrier now. "What the hell did you just say?" 

The sound of footsteps come from outside their cells.

"I promised him," her eyes were casted down, and the sliding doors open to the penitentiary. Jav's guards. Four of them. 

"That I would do what he said, if he spared all your lives. He agreed."

Unlocking the cell, they grabbed ahold of her.

"What?" Theo yelled.

"Where are you taking her?" Xander shouted.

The guards ignored Xander.

"You are just going to believe that asshole?" Theo looked to her with betrayed eyes, as if he didn't recognize her. This didn't surprise her. The guards placed electric shock cuffs on her hands, tightening them.

"I do believe him, because I can sense others emotions. I can sense when someone lies. And, he promised me." The guards pushed her out of the cell.

"You think he'll keep that promise, you'll believe someone you don't even remember knowing?"

"I don't have much of a choice."

"Who even are you?" Ira watched her with disgusted eyes.

"As you said, Queen of Kuliara. And I'm doing my duty in saving all your lives."

She was gone. The guards pushed her from her cell, all the way through the halls. Much of it was a daze. 

It's not my story to tell, Jav had said.

It wasn't her friends story to tell either. Yet he told them.

This infuriated her. 

Fire sparked within her, and what she did next truly terrified her.

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