44. "Hey everyone, can I have a favor?" (Narration)

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"Or... I guess, they should settle this first on their own? They're old enough." Namjoon hyung told Hobi hyung who just shrugged and continued eating.

I quickly glanced at Tae hyung and saw him smiling sadly, "You're right, we should settle this on our own, right Kook?"

I was surprised when he suddenly addressed me like how he normally did, I saw my other hyungs stared at me waiting for what I am to say, I drunk water first and sighed, "Yes, we will, don't worry hyungs, we got this." I replied making some of them smiled.

I looked at Tae hyung and saw him giving me a small smile, I just nodded my head and proceeded on eating.

"Aww, look at my kids grow, Chim can't relate, you know, grow? Like literally, you get the joke?" Jin suddenly said while laughing his usual windshield laugh.

Jimin rolled his eyes at that, "Yoongi hyung is just a centimeter taller why is it always me?"

I saw Yoongi hyung chuckled darkly, scaring me a little, "How about someone pick on my height now? I dare you."

The table went silent for a moment.

"Yup, that is the reason." Hobi hyung said and laughed.


"Can we start now Kookie?"

I looked at him and saw him leaning his back on the wall beside the refrigerator while holding a can of sprite Hobi hyung didn't want to share with us.

I removed my arms leaning on the table and sighed, "Yes, let's start and get this over with."

He opened the refrigerator then grabbed another can, he started walking to where I was sitting and took a sit in front of me, he threw the can which I quickly caught, "I want to hear you first maknae."

I nodded my head, "I want to say sorry hyung, I didn't mean for that to blow up like that. I didn't even know how it ended up like that, I also want to say that you're actually right and I appreciate you telling the truth, I'm just really not in the right mind that time to start that fight."

I know that little fight happened between us wasn't that bad but I do think that we should really settle this as early as possible to avoid future misunderstandings between us specially that Lisa was involved.

He smiled softly, "I'm glad you think like that, I'm really sorry too, I shouldn't even let that happened in the first place, but whatever, what's done is done, it's all in the past now."

I nodded my head with a smile and sipped on my drink, "Hyung, let's be honest, I know we both know why this fight happened."

He pouted and chuckled, "Wow, never thought you'll know about it this fast, I didn't really want you to know that but I guess it is inevitable."

I chuckled, "Well, we know each other too well, I actually have a gut feeling about that for so long already but I just didn't want to ask you because I want you to say it to me willingly." I stopped the smile on my face and became serious, "So, you do like her?"

He sighed and met my eyes seriously, "Lisa?"

I nodded my head, "Lisa."

"Yes, I do like her."

I know that already but still hearing it from his own mouth still managed to surprised me.

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