Chapter-4 (e)

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Chapter-4: Reunion2 and Confessions.

Selene's p.o.v:

Everyone was looking from Papa to me for answers. But Papa was looking at me for what I don't know.

"Papa, what happened? Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked him. He blinked his eyes a few times as if he came out of the trance.

"Nothing Princess you remind me of your Mama and your Aunt Lily who was a sister for me in everything but blood." He said.

"Papa tells me about Mama and Mom Lily," I asked.

"Well if that is what you want." He said and I nodded.

"Well, Son you can tell my granddaughter every tale later first tell us how is she yours and James daughter?" Grandpa Arctus asked.

"Well, grandfather you do remember that when I was 16 years I ran away from home. At that time we meaning James, Remus and I found out that I and James were mates and he was submissive. Father, Grandfather forgive me for my foolishness I ran away from home and even when Regulus was dead I never came to meet you or for his funeral because Dumbledore locked me in my apartment." Papa said guiltily.

"No Son, that was not your fault when your mother was punishing and pressuring you I never raised my voice even though you're are my son and heir. I'm sorry about that." Grandpa Orion said with guilt and sadness in his eyes.

"I'm also sorry Sirius along with your grandmother that we never raised our voice to stop Walburga whatever she did to you even though we know." Grandpa Arcturus said while grandma Irma nodded her head.

"It's okay Papa, Grandfather and Grandmother I should have been patient. Now that is out our way, I think I should continue with the story." Papa said and we all agreed all the way I was silent.

"When we graduated we got mated and I wanted to tell you but by that time everyone got the impression that James and Lily were dating seeing their brother and sister relationship. Meanwhile, we got bonded in presence of Remus being our witness to bond and Lily being a priest but Albums got an impression of them both being bonded but," Papa was saying but got interrupted by a man who was in his late 60's& 70's like Grandpa Orion.

"Charles, what are you doing here?" Grandpa Orion asked.

"Why Orion I'm here to apologise to my other son Sirius whom I wronged for my son murder and also to see my granddaughter who was kept far from me by Albus." He said and I understood that he is my Mama's papa and my granddad Charles Potter.

"I'm sorry Sirius I should have known that you will never do anything thing as that yet I wronged you." He said.

"It's okay dad no one is wrong here I think this entire fault is of Albus because him being Chief Warlock he never got a trail for me and left my daughter and your granddaughter at muggles house." He said.

"Thank you, Sirius, and what do you mean your daughter?" Granddad asked and Grandfather Arcturus and Grandpa Orion filled him everything about all that happened today.

"That was wartime and we came to know James was expecting Selene and that is what made us I mean I, Remus and Lily made us fight hard. At same time Albus came to Lily and James said something about prophecy and our child is one of that prophecy child so he persuaded James and Lily going into hiding and me being a secret keeper." Papa said.

"Sirius you're saying that Selene daughter of Two lifeblood families that to Ancient and Noble houses of Potters and Blacks." Grandpa and Granddad shouted furiously and I flinched.

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