Chapter Seven (Darkness to Light)

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My head pounded as I fought sleep, and woke to kisses. Eye's snapping open. I could hear the kids getting ready for school. Dragon kissed me awake.

No, no, no, this was all wrong. I'm still in the past.

"You were talking in your sleep again baby. One day you're going to have to tell me about where you go."

"I'm going to be sick." I said scrambling out of bed, for the safe haven of the bathroom. I just needed him to stop kissing me. I can't as my head pounded thanks to nightshade.

At least it was almost the right timeline. And there were migraine meds somewhere.

"Honey, are you okay?" He asked.
Why the hell was I back here. This was the last place I wanted to be it was too risky. This was my Dragon!

How badly I wanted to forget caution! I slid into bed as he arched his body into me. I groaned. Every nerve alive and calling for him.

I rolled over facing him. Staring into his warm blue eyes. I ran my hands up his arms as need slammed into me. I wanted him, but he wasn't really mine. The time was off.

I reveled in his touch and the passion of his kiss, when he bit my lip, I pushed hard.

Nope, nope, nope, but my heart answered yes. I growled pushing him back.

"I can't do this, it's not right. You want things from me I can't give."
God I knew I wasn't making sense.

I needed some time and unless he got angry and stormed out, I couldn't get out of here. I was at war with myself. My body wanted Dragon 10 different ways before breakfast. And in my mind I kept telling myself,
oh shut up!

He could sense something was wrong. But I couldn't explain any of it. I knew I was in deep trouble, when he said, "you've never done that before!"
Oh hell yeah I have.
My Dragon my rules, and I wanted to eat him up.

Thank god's the kids started fighting. Being that close was dangerous. I had to referee the latest fight. I stayed away and he was angry about it. I stayed as quiet as I could, wanting to hold on but knowing I couldn't.

When it played out and he stormed off I executed my escape. Sleep would free me from this jump into this reality I couldn't keep.

How many times our petty fights, because you felt I was different!

I was pretty sure my migraine would last for days. But would I ever be free to just love you without a jump. Love you without fear of losing you by day or night. Blinding pain radiated in my ears as I waited for the medication to work.

Clutching my journal, I poured out my heart in words I could never say. before time stole me away once more. Or I woke again haunted by my very real nightmares.

I drifted in and medicated haze and snapped back no, no, no, I was still here. More meds! Finally I felt the tether let go and I drifted.

I was so tired pain and suffering. Of missing my Dragon I called out to my mother. I felt the wings glide around me pulling me with her home.

Whisper soft fluttery feathers registered in the back of my mind. My eyes drifting open and closed as we flew, past Grecian pillars. Seeing strangely familiar geometric patterns sacred geometry everywhere I looked. Everything hummed with energy. As my breath caught and I sighed she held me closer.

"I know it hurts darling, but the thing about dragons is sometimes they are impure and need to be slain. Don't stress about it, my love. We will figure out which he is. Predators get taken out of the equation!"

"Mother please!"I begged." My head aches."

"So long as you're not full mooning over him! In some times he's just lovely. And others he needs to be hit with the planet to knock some sense into him!"

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