Like Father, Like Daughter

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"Please state your name and a short description of yourself."

"Okay, so my name is Ryn Terrix and just like my father, I find myself in the middle of this bloody war. It's not really his fault, I don't think it was his choice to pass down the gene that magically gets one into the middle of things but I'll blame it on him anyway. Although, not too much. After all, he did give me his best traits as my mom calls them. You know, the rebellious feisty "I'm going to punch you in the face if you say one more word" traits. All the best. I'm pretty sure my mother meant that as sarcasm...but that's alright. Anyway, you didn't come here to discuss my family with me, now did you, otherwise you wouldn't be standing there looking overly annoyed now would you Mr. Interrogator?" 

Ryn cocked her head some as the Imperial Officer stepped forward a little with a bit of a sigh and gave her a more annoyed look. "No, Miss Terrix, I did not come here to discuss you, your father, or your family. I came here to ask you about your father's brother."

Ryn smiled some, her eyes drifting distractedly. "Oh yeah, Uncle Cody. He and dad don't seem to get along quite like they used to, but I still enjoy when he comes over. I imagine the dispute is mainly you and your high and mighty Empire's fault. Dad never liked y'all, but that's fine. Just wait till he hears about today. I might have to get mom to keep him from barging in here with a blaster." 

Chuckling softly to herself, Ryn's eyes drifted back to the officer, who was growing increasingly impatient the longer she rambled.

"I'm not here for funny stories, Miss Terrix," he stated coldly. "Your uncle Cody, is one of our best Commander's and he's missing. Now, considering your family's close connection to him, you wouldn't happen to know anything, would you?"

Ryn looked the man dead in the eyes, her face oddly serious a moment. "You think I'd know? I'm just a simple pilot trying to make her way in the universe."

The officer did not seem to share the same humor in the dead pan joke that she did and his scowl deepened as Ryn grinned a little. 

"This is not a joke, Miss Terrix. We need to find this man."

Ryn dropped the grin and shrugged a little, getting tired of annoying the officer. "Alright, all jokes aside, I have no clue where he is or where he would be. Dad and him haven't spoken in almost a year, and I haven't seen him in a long time," she said, allowing sincerity into her tone. 

The officer nodded and stepped back to speak to the storm trooper beside the door. Ryn tapped her fingers against the table some, waiting for the discussion to end. After several minutes she looked up.

"Hey, are we done here? The fruit on my ship isn't gonna keep forever," she said loudly. That earned another look of annoyance from the officer but he stepped forward and gestured for the stormtrooper to open the door.

"Thank you for your time," the officer said tersely as Ryn got up, shooting him a cocky grin as she left the room. She let the guard outside escort her to her ship, then she boarded quickly and headed straight to the cockpit. She flipped the power back on and lifted the ship out of the hangar as hastily as possible, getting as far away from the Imperial cruiser as she could before initiating hyperdrive. 

Then she got up and did a sweep of the ship's systems to ensure there were no bugs or anything broken, tampered with, etc. Assured of the fact her ship hadn't been tampered with, Ryn then pulled out a burner comm and punched in the only number the comm had. It took a moment to ring before the person on the other end picked up.


"It's me," she affirmed. "And you can come out now, uncle Cody. Everything's clear." 

"You sure? That's what you said five minutes before the Empire pulled you out of space and tried to search your ship."

"Hey, there was no way for me to know that was gonna happen, plus, I got out and you're still here," Ryn answered defensively.

"You're too much like you father," Cody sighed over the other end of the comm.

Ryn swung her legs up onto the console, relaxing back. "Aw, c'mon Uncle Cody, you know you and dad aren't as mad at each other as you pretend you are."

"Doesn't mean I have to like every bit of his personality," Cody said pointedly. 

"True," Ryn answered. "Anyway, get up here. I doubt you'll wanna stay down in that stuffy compartment for the next eight hours."

"With your luck, I might have to," Cody said, but there was a touch of humor to his tone. 

"Yeah, yeah, just get up here," Ryn said and rolled her eyes. She cut off the transmission and listened quietly until she heard the grating of the plate in the hallway and a few minutes later Cody appeared in the doorway to the cockpit, limping over to the co-pilot's seat. He sank down in it tiredly.

"So, why are you hiding from the Empire?" Ryn asked, turning to the controls.

Cody glanced over at her and looked back at the viewport. "I'm considering it early retirement."

"Mhm," Ryn murmured, then she turned to look at him. "Retirement doesn't usually require running away."

Cody looked back at her, his face drawn with exhaustion and regret. He slouched forward some, nodding. "You're right, normally it doesn't."

"So?" Ryn asked, her tone growing more serious.

Cody glanced up at the viewport, his eyes reflecting the hyperspace lines that put more distance between them and that despicable Empire. "Like I said, kid. Early retirement." 

A/N: Ima let you all guess at who Ryn's father is. First one to get it right get's brownie points. :)

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