Bruised Lips

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⚠️ Mature content! ⚠️

Izzys POV

Its been a few days since me and Xavier, mostly Xavier, have kissed. I've been somewhat ignoring Xavier since then. But
there isn't a day that goes by that I dont think about the way our lips molded together or how soft and delicious his lips were. I can still feel the tingles dancing on the skin of my lips.

I shook the thoughts out and continued to color. Just as I begin coloring the cute kitty, I jumped as my bedroom door slammed open with a very frustrated looking Mr.Chocolate

"Have you been avoiding me, princess?" Xavier growled, visibly trying to calm himself down.

I gaped up at him, "M-maybe.." I stuttered as I continued to look up him slight scared and maybe a bit..just a tiny bit aroused.

He hummed and captured a strand of my curled platinum blonde hair, "And why is that principessa?" He tugged at the strand softly, pulling me closer to him.

I shivered as his raging storm like eyes locked with my icy blue ones. His whole being was practically radiating dominance and frustration.

"I-i," I gulped dryly as I struggled to form a complete sentence but having him so close, it felt almost impossible . I swallowed thickly and tried to breathed in slowly and gather my thoughts as they kept whirling around like a tornado.

He grew closer until his cologne and minty breath clouded all my poor judgment. The tension being too much, I pulled him down by his collar and smashed my lips upon his. Loving the feeling of the electricity surging between the two of us. I love how our lips moved in sync, how his body reacted to my touch and how mine did the same.

Xavier's POV

My innocent little princess sure is a little vixen. I pulled her closer as her little body involuntary leaned more towards mine. I picked her and myself up and walked towards her bed with our lips still molded together with her sitting on my lap.

I hummed as I twirled a strand of her platinum blonde hair that had fallen out of her messy bun.

I placed my head in the crock of her neck and took a sniff of her sweet caramel and vanilla scent. I groaned once more as I skimmed my lips along her neck. I planted a kiss just below her ear. I heard her gasp and stiffen. I chuckled lowly and began to pepper her neck with kisses as she tightly gripped my shoulders for support.

I wrapped my tatted arms around her tiny waist and flushed her flat against my chest and continued my torture on her neck. I kissed were her jaw and neck meet and a quiet moan left the beauty pressed up against me. I kissed, sucked and bit till my mark was left on her.

I smirked before looking back up at her. So fücking adorable. Her cheeks were extremely red and her breathing was labored just a bit.

" beautiful even with my mark." I smirked at her as I gently caressed her hip.

I grounded my hip against hers and by her gasp I know she felt my desire for her and only her.

"Look what you've done to me baby." I breathed into her ear as I peppered more kisses just below her earlobe.

"X-xavier..." She moaned quietly.

"Louder baby. Let them know you belong to me and only me." I groaned.

I captured her lips with mine and began to move our lips roughly against each other. She let out another small moan. 

" the things you do to me." I growled lowly against her lips.

She hummed and pulled me closer sealing our lips closed with each others. She began grinding herself into my hips trying to subside the tension in her lower tummy.

"P-please....Xavier.." She moaned as she kept rocking herself against me.

"What baby? Tell me what you want, baby girl." I rest my forehead against hers and stared intently into her beautiful blue orbs.

She gripped my hand and placed it above her northen region, "It feels funny." She pouted and looked at me innocently under her eyelashes.

I growled and slammed my lips back on hers. I bit at her lip causing her to moan and giving me access to her mouth. I swirled my tongue around taking in on how she tasted. I moved her skirt to the side and rubbed her over her underwear. She arched her back and moaned louder. I pressed my fingers against her slightly harder and soon she became a moaning mess.

I soon moved my hand out of her skirt and kissed her once more.

"Oh baby, you don't know what you just started." I nipped at her ear.

I stood back up and placed her softly on her feet then I quickly spun on my heel and stormed out of the room before I did something I know I'll regret.

But right now I need to take care of my not-so little issue first.


Mhm as you can tell a very dirty chapter lmao. (I know crappy but I don't usually write shît like this lmao)

( So I just read over the description for this book but on destys account and she has Izzy/Bella as 15 and Xavier as 17 but i don't really like how young she is so I think ill have her as a 17 year old and plus regarding her past so it'll make more sense you know and Xavier will be 19 years old. let me know if that's okay 😊)

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