First Heartbreak

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When I first heard you speak
I knew you felt different
Of course
I wasn't sure what I was feeling at first
But soon
I knew I liked you

But someone who I cared about
Told me
She liked you too
She didn't know how I felt
And she liked you
So I told her something
That I will never regret

Go for him

I pushed you together
And soon
You two fell in love

Now that I reflect
I realize something
You were my first heartbreak

I spent months
Crying myself to sleep
Listening to songs
Of being the girl
That you don't love
I suffered in silence

I shouldn't have though
I spent over a year
In a dark box
With four walls a floor and a ceiling
Each wall was a challenge I was facing
And my feelings for you
Were one of them
A room of darkness
I couldn't escape

I sat in the corner of that room
Then I realized
I could knock down a wall
A sledge hammer appeared and I used it
I watched as the wall
And it was my escape from the room
My escape from my feelings for you
My escape from the rest of my challenges
So thank you
Thank you for helping me
Save myself, from that
Dark room.

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