gus's mom

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"Hi Emery! It's Gus's mom, Liza. It's so good to finally see you." A cheery voice greeted from the other end of the phone. Liza gave a welcoming smile, which radiated warmth all the way from Long Island. "Gus has told me so much about you."

"All good things I hope." Emery said with a laugh. She kept peering up at the box on her screen, self consciously fixing her hair, wanting to make a good impression on Liza. Diego appeared from behind the phone, checking the kitchen cabinets. Emery ignored him, which pissed him off. He began to do motions to get her attention. She stuck up the middle finger and motioned for him to get away, not taking her attention off Liza.

"So, I heard you live in Florida?"

"Yes. It's really nice down here but it's very hot."

Diego grabbed a paper and pen that was left on the table and began to scribble something on it.

"I remember from the last time me and Gus went down." Liza smiled again, "You're very polite. It makes me really happy to see my peeper has such a good friend." She grabbed a hold of Gus's cheeks and caressed it lovingly. This made Emery smile, what an amazing woman mama peep was.

"Thank you so much. You're such a sweet woman, I'm just shook that I'm graced by your presence."

Diego furiously waved his arms around, causing her to look up. The sign read, 'IM GOING TO DO A PORN STAR MOAN'. Emery shook her head furiously, the boy nodded and smiled

"Oh stop it!" Liza said while blushing. Gus sat smiling, looking at the two important women in his life bonding. "Peeper, we should invite Emery over for dinner!"

"Mama, I think you forgot she lives in Florida."

"Shit! I mean shoot, I forgot. I'm so sorry." She covered her mouth as she promptly apologized.

"It's completely fine! Would you give me a moment?"

"Of course! Take your time!"

Before she could mute herself, he had let the moans rip.

"I'm going to fucking kill you!" Emery screamed as she hit the mute button. Diego laughed as the girl jumped out her chair and began to chase him around the kitchen. He swooped up her phone and ran upstairs to his room, his sister hot on his trails. The door shut and locked with Emery pounding on it.

"Open the fucking door, Diego!"

"Kiss my ass!"

There was a sigh of frustration from the other side. Diego hit the unmute button and began on introducing himself, "Hi, my names Diego Leonas. I'm Emery's older brother. Imma rapper and I have some music on soundcloud. My new single is called been bout it and I'm hella proud of it. I think y'all should go listen."

"I think we should give it a listen Gus, this boy has big dreams like you."

Emery cut off Liza,"Stop promoting your shitty soundcloud music!"

"You can't make me!"

"You're such a bitch!"

"It's been nice talking to you guys." Diego said as he waved to Gus and his mom. They both waved back and he promptly hung up.

"Did I just hear you hang up the call?"


"You're such a slut! Give me back my phone, you bitch."

Diego slid her phone from under his door, "Well they love me and I got to promote my music."

"Gus's mom is going to hate me now!" Emery said sighing, she grabbed a hold of her temples and rubbed them. "I'm gonna get you back for this Diego."

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