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Mini date

Today was a special day to minho why you ask?

Him and jisung are now in their mini date with their friends at the pool..

"Minhoo!! Jisung!! You two came!!"

Woojin said hugging them both making them both giggle at their hyung's behavior..

"Of course we came we wouldn't miss a good day"

Jisung said minho being minho agreeing with him.

"Will let's go swimmmm I wouldn't missss thisss dayyyyy talkinggggg"

Felix said running to the pool and jumped in making everyone laugh at him..

He's such a kid cute..jisung is still cuter...minho thought while smiling making jisung confused.

"What are you smiling at hyung?"

The younger asked titling his head but the older just shook his head with a little "it's nothing".

Soon enough jisung pulled minho to the pool both swimming and talking.

"But hyung...about yesterday..why did you punch seungmin"

Jisung asked curiousity hitting him.

"It's nothing don't worry jisungie"

Minho said making jisung look at him nodding.

So all boys stayed swimming but jisung and felix thought why not try the slide?

So both of them got out from the pool but for jisung luck he slipped closing his eyes tightly ready to hit the floor but in the end he didn't feel it so he opened his eyes.

Surprised he turned red because minho's face was super close to his while minho holding him making all their friends fanboy over that..

"Are you ok jisung?"

Minho said getting closer to the younger's face making the other burn from embarrassment..

"Y-yea I-I'm o-o-ok d-don't w-w-worry"

Jisung said stuttering alot making woojin fanboy more..

Minho just smiled at the younger and carried him inside the pool.

"Omo you two make a perfect couple ahhhhh~~ sooo cuteee~~"

Changbin said which surprised everyone because he never was this soft but that simple word made the minsung smile widely..

"Let's just go eat I'm hungryyyyy"

Felix being felix said.

"Jeez ok just stop whining you shit let's go eat"

Chan said which everyone agreed to..

So everyone ended their day eating then going home right now minho was walking thinking about the incident of earlier..

His lips looked soft..i want to kiss those pink beautiful lips...minho thought but his phone interrupted his thoughts.

He pulled his phone out and checked his phone.

EommaWoo:hey minho...about earlier you like jisung right?

Minho🐧:how are you so sure hyung

EommaWoo: I saw all the love toward him in your eyes..minho you can trust me..

Minho🐧:ok fine i do love him alot but don't tell anyone specially hyunjin and chan..

EommaWoo:alright take care and fighting!!

Minho🐧:thanks and you too take care

And immediately minho putted his phone away..today was sure a long day but as long as jisung is next to me my day would always be good..

Thankss lala (oHyoUaRE_NANA) for giving me this idea and also thanks to my baby sm (lilsm04) for helping ya two are the bestt❤️(also you ell💕)

Anywayss hope ya all enjoyed this mini date of minsung byee

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