♥ Part 2 ♥ Lizards in Paradise ♥

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Since the beginning
of translating
DeeJAY's story...

The cats have
let some cats out of the bag,
and I've discovered seven parts
of my life I didn't know before.

💚 My husband and I live with our 6 (soon 7) cats in Feline Society #337;
💚 Cats chucked a giant rock at Earth to murder "valuable Jurassic aliens";
💚 We're still invaded by said aliens, which are called the Babylonian Brotherhood;
💚 The aliens control us by corrupting our politics;
💚 The aliens also steal our garden decor;
💚 When the aliens are mad, they turn into lizard people;
💚 And when Greg and DeeJAY murder June bugs, it only scratches the surface of their potentials for violence.

Greg is always surprising me.

What else have these cats
hidden from us?

We'll find out during our trip to the Hawaiian Islands of Maui and Lanai...


First draft: August 18

Second draft: September 18

Word count: 149

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