🐾 Part One 🐾

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Welcome to my satirical poem, American Catseye.

This project combines the following 7 elements:

💙 Form—epic poem

💙 Primary genre—humor/satire

💙 Secondary genre—cats/animal fiction

💙 Tertiary genre—political commentary

💙 Setting—Feline Society #337, based in California

💙 Theme & purpose—Hooman potential

💙 Research—conspiracy theories

Like many of my projects, I intend to divide this into 3 parts:

1️⃣ Introduction to alpha protagonist (DeeJAY), main characters (Phoebe, Philo, and Greg), and antagonist (Orange Man, leader of the lizardmen, and the threat of the Babylonian Brotherhood)

2️⃣ Introduction to side characters (Tom, Buttercup, and Lahea) & first major tension/resolution

3️⃣ Second major tension/resolution

I hope you enjoy! Remember to leave a star (⭐) on any entries that tickle you.

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