plan 2

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jimin POV

it didnt take me time to realise that I've been attacked with a camera flash .

"Seriously guys i dont even have any pants on !" I whine pulling on the hoodie hoping that it would magically stretch to my knees

"Fortunately " tae said ,i glare up at him

"For us i mean "

"Is that supposed to be better? "

"Nope "joonie hyung answers

"Could you delete it please or at least crop the bottom half of the pic?"

"We can but we wont !"kook smirks


"Because we all have an embarrassing picture of ourselves in an album and u don't " tae answers

"B-but im not wearing any pants that's beyond just embarrassing"

"no it isnt ,and just so you know i have photos of all of us in just boxers an let me tell you a picture of u wearing kumamon or pinnk or mario isnt good for your reputation at all " jungkook laughs

"HEY !!" yoongi and jin say in union

"What its true grandpas "kook insists laughing and i cant help but laugh with them "kook you're so mean"i say between giggles

"you dont seem to mind though "

"Im really trying to stop but i cant "i try to contain my giggles but i can't and the fact that it isnt only me laughing isnt helping


Jandi pov

I walk towards my dads office , as i was about to knock on the door a cope stops me "what do you want kid "

"Im not a kid and i want to see mr.ben " i answer

"And why would i let you see the chief exactly "

"He's my dad"

"let me see your ID " i quickly hand him my ID

"Chief is not here now you may Wait in the office "

Perfect i wont need to wait then "thanks"

I quickly head to the computer

Author pov

Jandi quickly plugs a wire to the computer and Contents it to her phone he immediately starts working on hacking the unfinished cases file,struggling abit because of the modern protection systems. She groans frustrated "when the hell did he get this strong system" she huffes but it doesn't take her long to succeed

"Im in "she cheered quickly searching for a specific file which she successfully finds she downloads the file to her phone but due to the size off the file the downloading is slow.

"Hurry up hurry up" she mumbles repeatedly after hearing the cheers of her fathers name guessing he arrived ,to het luck just as her father reached the door the downloading completed she quickly unplugged the wire and hid her phone .

She was a sweating mess when her father opened the door "oh jandi what are you doing here ?"

"I want to ask you something! "

"Anything for you sweetheart "

"Can we stay in korea next year "

"Why do you not like it here "

"No i do its just ya know about how i missed the preforms because of my injury and i Want to participate again next year, and i also miss jimin"she mumbled the last part to her self not knowing how her father feels about her best friend or how he'll react .

"Ok fine "

' he easily gave up ' jandi thought


back to Korea

Jimin pov

"So are you telling me you just toke the picture with all of you here just to complete your album? "

"Well no ,think of it as the start of the selabrition!" Tae beemed

"What celebration "

"Oh yeah we are celebriting you being a part of our group for 5 months "

" aren't you guys wasting your precious free time , at least do it after a year so it'd like an anniversary or something " i giggle at how excited they seem over something like this

"But then we'd have to wait for soooo long ,we want to spoil you now !" Tae argued

"S-spoil me ?im not little now so why bother ?" I ask confused, i mean even though i know nothing anout spoiling im pretty sure this is too much even for when im a little.

"We want to spoil you not little minnie now yoou deserve just as much attention chim!"

"Um ,i -i thanks" I say blushing not really used to affection
"this is really embarrassing, can i wear pants now "i add

"Of course we cant have you bare thigh when we go to the mall now can we ?" Joon said

"But whyn?"

"no one can't selabrit without a cake, and we're taking you to chose your cake now go change !"

"Ok ok "


Pd-nim pov

It seems that people are demanding more than just run episodes especially with jimin being there hmmm i really need to figure this out !!
Oh wait how about a reality show that'd be awesome!
Ok now gor planing I'll have to inform them about this after i finish.

Jandi pov

It seems that this file is really large .this is some serious stuff i need to focus I'll transfer the file to my laptop it'd easier to work like that .

Wow this guy sure is accused of a lot of stuff by alot of people how come he isn't arrested yet ?i explore more of the cases but they lead to nothing .

He's really good at covering his tracks for an idiot ,i wonder how he managed to dodge so many accusations.

This is to hard im not the brain jimin is always have been, i need him here to figure this out ! I'll tell him later for now i need to find a lead or at least check all the cases out .



Damn this kid . There is no way i can get to him like this!
I really am going to take my revenge on all of you parks and you jimin won't be an exception!

But you're obviously smart smarter than your brother thinking he'd fool me with an act for long

His mother is already suffering for the slut she is same goes for his sister ,they were both so easy to fool even with you warning them . Your father has to be so devastated and I'm on the way of making your brother suffer

so its just you

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