Boyfriend Blueprint

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Estranged friends Iris Park and Jaeyong Cha live on opposite ends of the spectrum – where Iris is adventurous, warm, and flirtatious, Jaeyong is careful, cold, and indifferent. Where Iris is last minute and spur of the moment, Jaeyong is well-prepared and meticulously planned. Where Iris has never been dumped, that's the only way Jaeyong has ever known a relationship to end.

And it's no secret that Iris Park goes through boys the way Jaeyong Cha goes through books – by the dozen.

So after getting dumped for the umpteenth time, Jaeyong decides to swallow his pride and ask Iris to help him with the one thing that all the reading in the world just can't seem teach him – how to be a good boyfriend.


alexa, play another story by the head and the heart.


okay so i took this down for a hot minute because i wanted to rework the plot and themes before i got too deep into the story. basically this will remain the same as it was when i first began writing it, in terms of characters and whatnot, but i wanted to push this story closer into a new adult read, which in this case means more mature content in terms of relationships, social life, and mental health. i promise their banter will remain but it will be more serious in terms of writing. hee hee hope u like it xoxo

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