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Tsuna, Hayato, Tamami and three kid arrive infront of Tsuna home after play at playground.

" Hayato, thank you help me carry  sleepy Lambo on your back" Tsuna express her gratitude

" Do not worry about it, Tsunahime" Hayato said

" Tsuna nee chan I'm sleepy" Fuuta who holding Tsuna hand right now rub his eye

Tsuna crouch on the ground and patted Fuuta hair " Sorry"

" Thank you too, Tamami carry I-pin on your back" Tsuna turn her face while crouch and express her gratitude.

" Welcome Tsuna" Tamami said

" Fuuta come here on my arm" Tsuna turn her face to Fuuta and open her arm.

" Hai Tsuna neee chan" Fuuta started walking toward Tsuna and embrace Tsuna.

Tsuna slowly stand up while holding Fuuta in her arm.

Tsuna started walking toward door follow by Hayato and Tamami
"Fuuta help me touch doorbell"

" Hai Tsuna nee chan" Fuuta touch doorbell

" Welcome home Tsuna chan" Misa (Tsuna grandmother) open the door and greet

Misa see Fuuta on Tsuna arm, Lambo on Hayato back, I-pin on Tamami back.

" Don't stare there, come enter" Misa scolding and invite Tsuna and her friend inside house.

" Wait there I will bring futon out from room"  Misa walking toward room.

Tsuna, Hayato and Tamami waiting Misa bring out futon from room.

After few minutes, Misa brought out big futon from room. And put futon on floor.

" Put them here" Misa said

" Hai" Tsuna,Hayato and Tamami in unison

Tsuna put Fuuta first, Second Tamami put I-pin and lastly Hayato put Lambo on the futon.

After put three kid on the futon " Look like they having happy dream right now" Misa see Fuuta,Lambo and I-pin have happy expression on their face

" Wait  awhile, Grandma will bring some tea and snack"

" Misa san, I will back right now, no need tea and snack for me as I already call someone to take me to home" Hayato polite decline Misa offer.

" What about you Tamami?" Misa turn her face to Tamami.

" I will walk toward my home" Tamami said.

" Grandma can Tamami have a slept together in my bedroom,please...." Tsuna use her puppy eye on her grandma.

" Ofcourse you can Tsuna chan" Misa give permission.

Tsuna supress her giggle as she excited having someone sleep beside her.

" Ring ring ring ring" Hayato phone vibrate tone.

Hayato take his phone from his pocket and see a message.

" Misa, Tsunahime and Tamami look like my driver arrive pick me up" Hayato put back his phone inside pocket.

" Bye" Hayato said and started walking toward door.

" Bye Hayato" Tsuna said

After Hayato already outside Tsuna house.

" Girl, please sleep now it's late night now" Misa said

" Hai" Tsuna and Tamami in unison

Tsuna and Tamami started walking toward Tsuna bedroom.


See you later~~~~~

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