Chapter 34: Demon Lord Emerges

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"Okay girls, listen to me," Jannah gave a command to her friends via thoughts, "We shall attack according to this plan: Cherrie and Tamie attack first, as Battler Class and a dragon owner; Rianna stands as a defensive unit, providing support to those two; Tiger doesn't permit him to land on the ground - shake floor and such things, alright? Riza, you assist Rianna by countering the enemy's fire with yours; and then, when he's distracted, I'll strike the final blow by sneaking from the behind with my Snake. Got it?"


The girls moved. Cherrie and Tamie charged forward – Cherrie from below, Tamie from the air. They dashed at Erik's Dragon spirit and bit it in the neck and in the stomach.

"Ah!" Erik yelled as he shared his spirit's pain. "Ugh, you pests!" he cast a spell: "Leo Style, Battler Art, Emperor Mode - Fire Typhoon!" the Dragon spirit blew a large fire typhoon out of his mouth.

"Ah!" the girls shielded themselves with Air and Fire which was not enough to protect them from the blow. However, the giant Water Boar of Rianna covered them and dodged the hit. "Haha! Thanks, Ria!"

"Ugh, I'll get you there!" Erik landed on the floor to deal a blow on Rianna when the whole floor shook and giant boulders rose from it, hitting the Dragon spirit right in the belly.

"You're not getting anyone, you beast!" Tiger roared from inside her Green Ox spirit.

Erik roared and blew fire at the girls. Rianna and Riza both dodged it together - one by her Water, the other by averting the Fire's direction. However, the Dragon spirit swung his wings and made the fire dissipate.

"My fire shall never hurt me!" Erik growled and yelled another incantation: "Leo Style, Battler Art, Emperor Mode - Fire Blizzard!" another firestorm blew the girls off.

"Ah!" this fire was too powerful for them to dodge, so the girls got burned and injured, but they sneered and stood back up, recreating their spirits. Tamie's summoned dragon, Ronna, growled in pain and vanished, returning back into the scroll. The girl had no strength left, so she collapsed. The friends got worked up: "Tamie!"

Erik grinned and blew another firestorm at them. However, Jannah didn't sleep meanwhile - her Snake which had gained enough time indeed sneaked up on him from the behind and wrapped around the Dragon's whole body, vaporizing its fire with its water powers and making it shriek in pain:

"Take this, you fiend!"

"Jannah, good job!" the girls grinned and engaged back in the fight, attacking the Dragon spirit all at once and biting it in several places together. "Now he's ours!"

Erik roared in pain and rage:

"I've had enough of you! Leo Style, Battler Art, Emperor Mode, Final Craft - Blast of the Sun!"

The girls widened eyes, but before they could get off him, a large red-to-yellow fiery shot blinded their eyes and blew them off altogether. They got burned and injured. Their spirits vanished. They collapsed to the ground and struggled to get up, but fell back down, coughing. However, Erik wasn't in a good condition either - his Dragon spirit too had vanished because of him using up so many powers, and he looked all beat up. He coughed too, but he still could stand on his feet. He wanted to get to his brother's battlefield and finish with that 'traitor' too (as he thought of Goldmund) when both he and the collapsed girls heard an electronic voice:

"Tamie Wingfield. Rank rise. Writer Class, Rank Six - Writer. Level Fifty-five. Congratulations!"

It was Tamie's Order ring. The girls gasped - she had raised a rank?! Erik instead started and glanced over at Jan who was shaking for he too had perfectly heard the voice:

"Rank Six?!"

"Not only that..."

"You've got no time to worry about your brother, mate," Jan heard Goldmund's vile chuckle and the Burning Sand Dust attacked him inside the glass box again.

However, Erik had no time for him now - he instead warily watched collapsed Tamie, who moved her hand a little, wanting to grab her ink-brush...

"No, you don't!" Erik blasted a fire shot at the ink-brush, burning it completely. "Now you won't cast a summoning spell!"

There was no use for this additional precaution, though - Tamie's hand collapsed before it could even reach the place where the ink-brush once lay, now turned into ashes. Erik grinned with triumph and wanted to move to his brother's battlefield again when suddenly the scroll shimmered white, but then, that white light got overtaken by a black one. The girls, as well as Erik, widened eyes, and stupefiedly stared at the scroll – what was happening?!    

What they saw though was even more gruesome than they anticipated - the black light soon vanished and gave place to a blackened guy with dark blue hair and shimmering, demonic icy blue eyes. He wore black clothing, and his infernal grin sent shivers to everyone's spines.

 He wore black clothing, and his infernal grin sent shivers to everyone's spines

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"W... Who's that monster?" Erik, for the first time in his life, trembled in terror.

The 'monster' gave out a demonic chuckle and an unearthly blue fire flamed on his fists. An infernal, deep, ominous voice sounded through the hall:

"Demon Lord Kokujin... Dōzo yoroshiku..." (Nice to meet you - Japanese)

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