Chapter 4: Or Do You Hate Being My Fuck Toy

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I yawn and stretch, I look sleepily over at the watch and almost scream out of my skin.

"Nikki! What's wrong!?" My mom came bursting into the room, I calmed my rapid heart.

"Its almost noon! It's Monday! The Campers are gonna kill me!" I scurried to my feet and attacked the bathroom, leaving my hair alone, I wash my face and throw on joggers and a tank top.

"Love you, momma!" I yell as I run out the doors, the Campers are one of the meanest in the pack. If I'm not there by noon, I'll be leaving with a least 2 broken bones.

I skip to a stop at their doorsteps, I look at my watch. 11:58, phew. I knock on the door and wait a moment until Mrs.Camper open the door. Her steel gray hair and wrinkled face looked at me with anger.

"You were almost late." She yelled at me, I bowed my head as she walked away from the door. I stepped in and shut the large piece of wood, I turned to see Mr.Camper at the stairs with his foot tapping.

"Took you long enough!" He grabbed me and dragged me upstairs before throwing me into a bathroom.

"Make it spotless!" I sighed as I looked at the bathroom, it wasn't too dirty. I grabbed the cleaning supplies from the closet and got to work, getting every speck. A knock at the door has me on my toes, ears listening closely.

"Alpha!" I heard the Campers say in unison, you've got to be kidding me! Three days straight now! What is got him so worked up? The last time he used me so much was when his father died, to get his mind off it.

"Is the Omega here." He stated, monotone, Alpha voice.

"Oh it's upstairs, let me fetch it." They act like I'm an object, it pisses me off! I quickly dart over to the window and crack it open, I climb out and hit the ground on all fours.



"Why can't we ever have a good relationship?"

"Because you're an Omega, letting people rape you."

"That's not my choice! It isn't fair for you to hate me for that!" She stayed quiet after that, a pair of bluish green eyes with specks of violet catch my sight. But they quickly disappear, I shrug and start to run into the forest.

After running for about ten minutes, footsteps behind me make my heart thud. I speed up and jump onto a huge tree, digging my nails into it I climb up. I hugged a branch and prayed for dear life he didn't see me, his dark black wolf stopped at my tree.

An excited smirk played with his lips as he looked back and forth, he sniffed the air and suddenly stiffened. He took off to the right, quicker than needed. A smell of an unknown wolf hit my nose, I went on high alert, scanning around.

A wolf with a white belly and a gray back popped out of some bush, the eyes blueish green with spots of violet that were very familiar.

I sucked in a breath, his ears twitched at the sound. He looked up at my tree, once our eyes locked I felt my blood stop in its veins. His stare lit me on fire, I wanted more. He turned and took off into the deep forest, I slowly and awkwardly climbed down the tree.

"Victoria...don't you think that guy is strange? He's not a rogue wolf, I can feel his powerful aura. Gamma, Beta, or even Alpha! But why is he roaming around here?" She huffed and started to think about it herself.

"It is quite strange, I wish we knew who he was. Never mind let's just get home to mom." I smiled and nodded, I run towards my home. I didn't make it though, I got tackled by...well you know who.

"Where did you run off to bitch! There are rouges out there! You can't do that whole running off thing dammit!" I looked up at him confused, then raise a cocky brow.

"Does someone care for me now?" I asked, Victoria snickered but quickly held it back. He growled before stepping off me, looking around for danger.

", care about you?! Don't be silly!"

"Then why did you come and chase me? Why are you mad I could be in danger?" I say quickly, he turned and bared his teeth at me. I quickly bowed down to him, his jaws snapping.

"If you weren't apart of my pack I could care less what happened to you." I kept my head bowed and listened quietly.

"Your worthless and the only thing your good for is my fuck toy!" Victoria started to growl, not liking what she is hearing. I tried to pull her back but she was stronger and took control.

"What? You gonna bite me?" She snapped her head towards him, her teeth bared and eyes red.

"Don't you dare growl at me." His large black wolf toward over me, his Alpha voice making Vikki obey. She lowered her body to the ground, but her mouth wouldn't stop growling. His teeth showed as he growled back, fear filling me but Victoria was relentless.

"Stop your growling you worthless omega!" Victoria snapped, standing up and bared her teeth more. They started to circle each other as I frantically tried to take control.

"Nice to see you Victoria..." He started to toy with her, I can see it.

"No way this is Nicole, she doesn't have the guts." Vikki snapped at him, but he didn't flinch.

"Are you tired of being an omega? Is that what this is about? Or do you hate being my fuck toy?" She lunged for him, digging her nails in his back and her teeth into his spine. He growled and snapped his teeth on her tail. She whimpers as she gets thrown off and into a tree.

"Oh really." He said darkly, sinisterly. He walked up to her, finally letting me take control.

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