5. Underneath Your Clothes

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The nurse who was supposed to relieve me at the end of my shift called in sick, so I ended up working twelve straight hours. It was busy, and I was exhausted.

I pulled out my phone just as I reached my car in the parking lot.

Me: I am so sorry. I just got off work and am so tired. I don't think I can go out tonight.

Luca: Who says we have to go out? You still have to eat, why don't I grab some Chinese and meet you at your apartment?

Me: I'm afraid I won't be good company tonight.

Luca: I think we'll manage. Text me your address. I'll be there ASAP

Luca was true to his word. Five minutes after I got home, he was knocking on my door. I needed a shower, but I had skipped lunch and wanted to eat more than anything. I changed out of my scrubs and into some cotton shorts and tank top. I knew I probably looked like a slob but was too tired to care.

Luca set the food down on my tiny table and began looking through the cabinets for plates. I tried to help, but he insisted I sit and rest. I didn't argue. After taking care of other people all day, it's nice to have someone take care of me.

As we start digging into our dumplings, Luca asks me about my day. That might be a first for me. Jason never talked to me about my work. He said he found it too "depressing."

"I don't know how you do it, honestly," Luca started, "You put yourself second all day long, to help your patients. You get to save lives."

"Well, I don't get to save a life everyday. Take today, for example, I didn't perform CPR once. Very boring."

Luca laughs and automatically starts picking up our empty plates. As he is loading them into the dishwasher, I feel a tightening between my thighs. There is something about seeing him, with his messy hair, skinny jeans, and tattoos, doing my housework that is driving me crazy.

I walk up behind him as he is closing the dishwasher and push him against the counter. He looks at me with genuine shock on his face. To be fair, I'm sort of surprising myself.

I look into his eyes as I slowly move my mouth towards his. When we are an inch apart, he quickly turns his head away from me. Ouch.

"Shelly..I...I can't do this."

"What? Why not? You don't want me?" I push my body against his, and, for good measure, lightly bite his bottom lip. Where was this bravery coming from?

"Oh my God, if you only knew all the things I want to do to you." Luca says, placing his hands around my waist. "But I just can't...not with you." He gently pushes me away.

I want to scream, but instead take a deep breath. Wordlessly, he walks across my small apartment and sits down on the couch.

"I need to shower," I say, tossing him the remote and heading to my bedroom.

"Shelley, I just don't want to mess this up—" I slam the door shut. I am so frustrated with him and don't want to hear his explanation. He's obviously built this up in his head so much that now he's freaking out. Sounds like me...

I'll just need to convince him otherwise. The only problem is that I know absolutely nothing about seducing someone. I haven't been a virgin since I was sixteen, but I've only slept with two people. No seduction required.

I grab my pajamas to bring to the bathroom with me, when an idea strikes me.

I can't believe I'm doing this. I can't even look at Luca as I hear him suck in a breath. I try to seem calm as I walk across the living room to my bathroom, completely naked.

I don't have a perfect body—my boobs are borderline too small and I have a little bit of a tummy—but I did recently start doing home workouts five days a week. That has obviously helped my confidence level.

Once I shut the bathroom door behind me, I release the breath that I hadn't realized I was holding. I look at myself in the mirror and laugh silently. Luca is unknowingly bringing out a completely different side of me.

I start running water in the shower and step in. It's only a few minutes when I hear a knock on the bathroom door. "Who is it?" I say innocently.

I hear the door open. "Do you get a lot of strangers roaming your apartment while you shower?"

"There's a first time for everything..." Silence. "So are you coming in here or not?"

"Only if you want me to."

"Are you kidding me? How many more signs do you need?"

I hear him chuckle and begin to undress. A few seconds later, the shower curtain slides over and I take in the sight of him. It truly takes my breath away.

He's slim, but fit. A firm six pack and toned pecs obvious. His shoulders look strong, probably from wielding a hammer all day. The tattoo sleeve on his arm extends into his chest slightly, and I see he has two large tattoos on his thighs. I'm not sure if I've ever been more physically attracted to someone before.

He takes a step towards me and places his hands gently on my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck and stand on my toes to bring my face closer to his.

When our mouths meet, he seems very hesitant, which makes me nervous.  I very slowly part my lips and lick his, asking for entrance. He grants it, and the moment our tongues meet, all nervousness is gone. I run my hand through the hair on the back of his head while he interlocks his arms behind my back, pulling me closer.

The sensation of our wet, slick bodies pressed together in combination with the running water down my back is too much for me to take. I think I might come right now, and we're just kissing. I pull away, but before I can say anything, Luca grabs the back of my head and pulls me to him again, hungrily taking my mouth.

I moan, which only excites him more, and he runs his hands up and down my back before wrapping them around me again.  He's holding me so tight, I'm having trouble breathing. I break apart to catch my breath and look into his eyes. The lust I see there is enough to make my panties wet, if I were wearing any. I decide we need to get to a bed...now.

I turn around to shut the water off, and Luca pulls me to him once more. It appears that I've unleashed a monster. My back is to him, and he starts kissing up and down my neck while his hands are massaging my breasts.  I moan and arch my back, pushing my ass into his hips. His hands begin to lower down my stomach, very slowly. Right before they hit my core, he stops. He is still hesitating.

I pull myself away and turn around to look at him. "Luca, can we be clear about something?" I say sternly, and he nods. "Okay, good. I need you to quit being so...considerate." He looks confused. "What are you talking ab--"

"I mean, whatever you want to do to me, do it. Wherever you want to touch me, touch it. I'm not some angel who needs to be treated with kid gloves.  I can tell you are nervous for some reason, but I'm telling you...I'm all in." 

Gotta love a good cliffhanger!

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