Chapter 36


“What?” Eric was the first to say something after my offer to Liam.

Liam raised his eyebrows, looking surprised I’d offered him to join the pack.

“It’s a great idea. It’s not like Liam did anything to us,” I told Eric.

“We’ve had you locked up here for months. It looks like you’re torturing yourself enough on your own. Being alone in a cell isn’t any form of rehabilitation. At least out there, you’d be helping out the pack,” I replied, shrugging.

I looked between Liam and Eric. While Eric didn’t look so convinced with my idea, Liam seemed to be thinking it over.

“Your mate isn’t going to let that happen. When Robert came to talk to me, he told me the Alpha refused to let any of the Rogues free- but especially me, he would never let go,” Liam said.

I remembered Robert. He’d been one of the Rogues who crossed Midnight Moon territory. They were the first Rogues who tried to get Liam back.

“He won’t let you go, but he’ll let you become part of the pack,” I insisted.

“Leila, I have to agree with the Rogue. The Alpha isn’t going to let him become part of the pack.”

Although I knew Eric thought he was right, I was sure Liam would be able to join the pack.

“Where am I?” I asked them.

Eric looked around the locked cell he was sharing with me, and cocked an eyebrow.

“In a cell?” He asked.

I nodded.

Liam still looked confused.

“I don’t get it,” Liam said, as he looked around the cell as if to make sure we were really there.

“I’m locked up in a cell. Do you know how angry Dylan expects me to be over this? I’m pretty sure he already knows I’ll be furious once he lets me go. But, I can choose not to be if he lets Liam in the pack. With a little persuasion, we’ll have a new Midnight Moon member,” I told the pair, while grinning.

While Liam looked amused, Eric began shaking his head. A grin was already taking over his lips.

“I should stop keeping count of the points you have over the Alpha. If you make this happen and Liam joins the pack- I think that’ll give you about ten points,” he said.

The conversation made time pass by faster. Benjamin had come down to check on me two times already. He told me nothing had happened yet.

Dylan and Caine were both together.

He also told me that they hadn’t heard anything from Blake. I was tempted to call him, but I stopped myself.

It occurred to me that maybe he didn’t want to risk his pack. Coming here- it meant some of his pack members could die. Instead of trying to find out where he was- I decided it was best to leave him be.

Liam had been telling me stories about his short time in Blue Bloods territory. Even though he spent most of his time there, he’d actually been a member of New Elite Pack. Cassidy, the Luna that he’d been after, was in Blue Bloods.

Most of the stories were about her. He didn’t have many to tell, because he’d been there for only a short period of time.

Everything he said though, he said it with so much excitement. His words made me grin so much, my cheeks were starting to hurt.

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