Reve’s body shifted, the skin rippled revealing her draconian form. She flexed her arms and legs, enjoying the strength she felt in them. She could sense the red mist trying to drag her down into its depths, but Reve thrust it away from her using her mind to splinter that part of herself that would make her no better than her alien counterparts. Revelling in her body’s deadly form; Reve felt elation as her two halves connected.

There were rumbles of approval from the other Hybrids. The hybrid that had dragged her out of her cell approached her. His face came within centimetres of her own as he inhaled her scent. His tail encircled hers bringing their bodies closer. Reve looked him in the eyes and realised it was Rufus; he was trying to get a reaction from her as she pushed him away in disgust. A collective intake of breathe made Reve realised she had insulted him, as he backhanded her.

Reve snarled at him, ready to fight back. But it was the female that stepped in front of Reve; Reve caught a fleeting look of what might have been admiration, but it was quickly gone replaced by determination. She crouched in front of Reve, her tail flicking from side to side as the realisation dawned on Reve that she had to fight this female.

Reve copied her movements, and tensed her body to receive the first wave of attack. In the blink of an eye, the female leapt over Reve’s head, grabbing at her shoulders as she did so; flipping Reve over with her as they landed. Reve landed winded and on her back, the female on top of her, her claws extended and the prick of skin on the soft side underneath her jaw bled a single drop. The female had won.

The sound of grunting and stamping feet acknowledged her win. She held her clawed hand out to Reve who gratefully accepted, whilst trying to get her breathing back. As she looked into the face of the woman, who could have easily torn her apart, she saw a grudging respect that was mirrored in her own.

The hybrids all began to disperse, shifting to human form as they left the caverns. The few aliens that had stayed behind began to follow a few of them out. The female who Reve fought, shifted and stood in front of Reve.

“Lolita.” She said as hung back away from the rest of them.

“Reve. Nice leap by the way. Never saw that one coming.”

She laughed and it was a deep joyous sound, which seemed out of place in the emptying hall.

“You learn all kinds of tricks here. Word of advice - Do as you’re told and keep on the good side of the others. And...". She never finished that sentence as Rufus who’d sneaked upon us, hit her across the face.

"MOVE" He bellowed. Reve was stunned at his brutality, but Lolita merely turned away and headed out.

“You!” he snarled at Reve “Follow me.” A few choice words ran through her mind to say to him, but Lolita’s warning stopped her short. Instead she stayed quiet, and followed him.

Reve noticed they didn’t follow the others, instead he led her down and along a small corridor, that had many little caverns leading off from it. But Rufus continued in a straight line, they walked onwards for a further five minutes until they came to a large metal door. He rapped on it twice before he turned to her.

"You will go through here, the Doctor will examine you, and then if he is happy I will come to collect you".

He then turned away leaving Reve to face the metal door. She was suddenly afraid; the thought of entering that door almost struck her dumb with terror. Trying to breathe through her fear, the door swung open and there stood Dr Augustine. "Hello Reve, I knew it wouldn't be long before I saw you again" he smirked. Reve felt the terror subside as fury filled its place, before she could squash it, her body rippled without her consent. The Doctor eyed her approvingly. "Yes, I see you're flourishing. Do come through and lets have a proper look at you". Before she could take a swipe at him, two Draconians had grabbed Reve by the shoulders and yanked her through the door.


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