Chapter 33: Teamwork Begins

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In the mansion of the Braun, two elderly people - a man and a woman - were sitting on a sofa and talking to each other, remembering their old days, when a blast came into a wall and Jan and Erik appeared. The old man gasped upon seeing Erik and sprang up, covering his wife:

"Sandy, get back!" he took a battle pose and glared at Erik: "How come you freed yourself, fiend?!"

"Oh, I'm not free... yet!" Erik glanced at his brother: "Jan, do it!"

Jan grinned and was going to dash at the stupefied old man when suddenly an air blow came from above and pushed him back.

"Huh?" frowning Erik and Jan looked up and saw how Tamie, Riza, Tiger, Rianna, Cherrie, and Jannah had arrived, covering the elderly couple.

"Get back you monsters!" Tamie yelled as she was the one who had blown the air shot. 

Both of the boys widened eyes, but then chuckled and crossed arms.

"Who do we have here? A newbie who thinks she's tough?" Erik grinned sarcastically.

"I'll make you regret you interfered with our plans!" Jan sneered and was going to move forward when Erik stopped him. "Huh?"

"No need, Jan. I can deal with them all myself. You take care of Lord Georg_"

"Don't you dare touch my grandpa?!" Tiger shouted: "Virgo Style, Tamer Art, Animal Mode - Fusion!" all of her three pets - Blizzard, Astra, and Christo - vanished, turning into their respective energy elements - Fire for Blizzard and Earth for the cats - and fused into Tiger's body, making her eyes glow green with her Zen power. But Tiger didn't count it enough: "Ox Spirit, Ring Five - Green Nature Ox!" a giant green female Ox spirit covered her whole body, roaring furiously. Tiger got locked into its core and ran towards Erik at a full speed, making the floor shake.

"Girls, attack!" Rianna yelled: "Cancer Style, Defender Art, Medic Mode; Boar Spirit, Ring Ten - Shell Demon Boar!" an enormous blue female Boar spirit embraced her and she too charged in the fight.

"Leo Style, Battler Art, Queen Mode! Tiger Spirit, Ring Eleven - Red Fire Tiger!" a large Red Tiger spirit roared, Cherrie in its core.

"Sagittarius Style, Singer Art, Enchantress Mode!" Riza took up, "Mouse Spirit, Ring Twelve - Orange Demon Mouse!" a big Orange Mouse spirit embraced her.

Then Jannah, the leader of the group, wove signs and cried:

"Pisces Style, Sneaker Art, Ninja Mode; Snake Spirit, Ring Twelve - Ocean Water Snake!" a giant, light-blue-to-green Water Snake with fins and poisonous fangs embraced her body.

"Woah, so many spirits! Alright, if you want to utilize spirits, so be it..." Erik grinned and then wove signs, shouting: "Leo Style, Battler Art, Emperor Mode; Dragon Spirit, Ring Twelve - Red Fire Dragon!" a wrathful Red Dragon spirit emerged, fire rushing out of its mouth. Erik laughed from inside its core: "Now, now, then, how can you beat my Dragon when you've got no Dragons by your side, you pitiful brats?!"

Jannah frowned and the girls were about to strike notwithstanding their lower powers when suddenly they heard Tamie's laugh.

"Huh? What are you laughing at?! You don't even have a spirit unlocked!" Erik burst out laughing himself.

"Who needs a Tiger spirit of mine to beat the likes of you?" Tamie yelled: "Libra Style, Writer Art, Expert Mode, White Zen - Summoning!" she grabbed her scroll, putting down only a single word, "Ronna!" she made a two-finger hand sign. The girls blinked in stupefaction, and Erik raised an eyebrow, but soon, they all realised what Tamie actually meant when she said she needed no Tiger spirit to beat a Dragon - just as she made the summoning spell, the scroll glowed white and a giant green dragon with bloody wings, sharp horns, fangs, and cogs, flew out, roaring gruesomely. "Ronna!" the girl brightened upon seeing her dragon character, and instantly jumped onto her back, flying up high. "Now we're not short-handed of dragons, are we?" she smirked at Erik, "Your Dragon is just a spirit, while Ronna's a real deal!"

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