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He seemed apologetic, but, why did he never apologise? I somehow summoned courage to drag myself to that school building the next day. He looked at me several times and I could swear, those eyes were screaming 'Sorry', but he didn't even open his mouth at me.

Days passed by like this and I was being ignored, or maybe, I ignored him. I never had the courage to approach him, and he never dared to as well.

I was in high school, when my life took another turn.

I rested my head down on my desk while people around chatted about things, completely ignoring my existence as usual.

"Aigoo, is she crying?" Asked one to her friend as she saw me. "Don't mind her much. She is just a poor girl. And don't talk to her as well, or else you will be insulted." "Why?" Asked the girl again. Apparently she was new.

"Because her mother is a hoe. That is why no one talks to her." They both went away. That's what everyone said.

I stood up and began rushing towards the washroom, so as to have some privacy. Wiping my moist cheeks with my handkerchief, I was running in the corridor when suddenly, my shoulder bumped against someone else's, causing my handkerchief to fall on the floor.

I just stood there wiping off my tears with my hands so as to hide it from the unexpected stranger. He picked up the handkerchief and handed it to me, which followed by me running down the corridor straight to the washroom.

I locked myself in there weeping when someone knocked twice. "Occupied." I mumbled between my weeps.

"Oh, it's the daughter of the hoe." The person said and left.

Misconceptions. That is what everyone has always had. My mother has always been such a pure lady. It was all my Father's fault. That man left my Mom, for no particular reason. She still weeps at nights in his memory.

"Y/N, is that you inside? Don't cry please, it's not your fault at all." Said someone who was one of them whom I hated the most. Hyuna.

I came out of the washroom and giving her deadly glances, headed to the classroom.

Minutes passed and classes started. "Children, this is your new classmate, Taehyung." Said the teacher.

My puffed eyes slowly moved towards him and I could see the new heart throb of the school standing in front.

My puffed eyes slowly moved towards him and I could see the new heart throb of the school standing in front

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He winked at a girl, whose heart was melting at his sight. Playboy he was.

He took a seat beside Jimin. "Hey buddy!" He raised his hand up to a height for a high five, but received nothing in return except a nervous smile.

Shrugging the matter off, He just glared at the teachers as one left after the other.

Finally, it was recess time. Students left the classroom and it was only me and Jimin left. Even the new student, Taehyung was standing outside.

He stared at me continuously, while I looked out of the window, at the snowflakes falling on the ground. It was winter already. I sighed. Time flies.

"AGHHHH!!!" Someone shouted as he entered the room. Both of our views shifted at him. "Look I'm a dragon!" Taehyung yelled at Jimin as he spewed vapour out of his mouth.

"Weird!" I rolled my eyes at him and got out of the room.
"Woah! She is colder than that Yoongs or something who is standing outside." Taehyung said. "Yoongi smiles sometimes." Jimin added.

Who knew what the future held for us...

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