An enemy is an enemy

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Back in camp, as soon as they got back, Raven went straight to give the news to Murphy, making sure that no unwanted ears were around them. “Monty is gone. They took him.” She said to him sadly and he nodded squeezing her shoulder. “We knew this would happen besides he is fine. They will not hurt him for now. He is perfectly safe, probably safer there than he would be here.” He said to her and she nodded. “I know but it still doesn’t make it easier. It felt like I was leading him to his death or something like that. But it’s like you said. He will be fine and so will we.” She said trying to convince herself and he nodded at her.

“Exactly. Now it was up to Clarke and Finn to get back here and save as many of us as they can.” He said to her and she nodded. They both knew that Clarke would come through and would save them so with that in mind Raven quickly went to help Jasper with the landmines as a group stayed out for protection. “Come on, these foxholes won’t build themselves.” She heard Bellamy say as he got closer to where the two of them were working. “Better hope those landmines work.” He said to them. “All the gunpowder we’re wasting we could be making more grenades.” He said sounding irritated.

“Bellamy, will you do us a favor and stop being a dickhead? Or I will make you test one of these just to answer your stupid question.” Raven said to him. “Cute. I need this entire section mined by morning then you finish the south field.” He said and was about to leave when she stopped him. “What about Clarke, Finn and Monty?” she asked already knowing his answer and he looked at her. “I don’t know but we can’t spare anyone else so nobody leaves the camp, end of story.” He said to her just as they heard a gunshot and they got startled. He looked at the boy and went over to him. “What the hell is the matter with you?” he said coming up to where the boy was standing.

“I’m sorry, man. I fell asleep. I’ve been on watch all day.” The boy said trying to justify himself to the older guy but Bellamy grabbed his collar. “We’ve all been on watch all day. That bullet was one less dead grounder.” He said to him and she decided to step up and do something. “Okay, everybody, let’s take a second, okay? Especially, you Captain Angry. Take a deep breath.” She said to Bellamy who just looked at her before letting the boy go. Raven looked at Murphy who gave her an encouraging nod and she spoke up to the group.

“Look, I know everyone is scared out of their seats with what could happen to us. I know you’re scared for your lives. So am I. The bomb and destroying the bridge only gave us a short amount of time to prepare what little we could before they attack us again and it is possible that the time is over and that they are coming for us right now as we speak.” She said to them making sure to look at them. “I understand that because I have those fears myself but we need to chill out and work together.” She said to them and looked at Murphy for support and he nodded at her stepping up to speak.

“Look, Red, Green and Blue Team. You are responsible for patrols so you will be switching every three hours, that way you can sleep a little. White and Black Team, I want you here with us. Grab a weapon and be on your guard. Eyes sharp. We can’t afford to be losing battles within the camp and with ourselves. If you are tired, speak up and we will find someone to replace you. That is better than to have you sleep on duty. I don’t want to see anyone being lazy, we can’t afford that. If you can’t contribute and is a dead weight, you’re getting the hell out of here. Are we clear?” He said firmly leaving with the patrol units before Raven continued.
“Clarke, Finn and Monty have disappeared but knowing our leader as I do, I guarantee you. She is not dead and Finn is probably alive too. With Monty, we don’t know what happened. So we are going to give them some time. If by midday, they are not back, we will go after them because that is what Clarke would do for any of us. Now, why don’t we get back to work and make sure this camp is as best prepared for the grounders as we possibly can?” she said to all of them and they nodded as she turned to Bellamy.

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