Chapter Fifteen - Perfection

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She awaits their call for her to enter the room. She isn't nervous, just restless. She wants to know their thoughts. Though she couldn't read minds, she could sense emotions. The only sound came from the constant hum of electricity throughout the hallways. No one came or left the hallway she sat in.

The door knob turns, and Miah appears.

"We are ready for you to come in."

Entering the room she recognizes all three faces. Commander Bryant, Miah, and Javiera Azucena. She found it strange Overseer Azucena is here. What would she have to do with her results? The other's who reviewed her were not even present. Odd.

Commander Bryant ponders at his desk, his hands clasped together. Miah sat down in the two chairs in front of his desk. Ava sat in the other. Overseer Azucena stands to the right, next to Commander Bryant.

"Your results," Commander Bryant starts to say. He drops his clasped hands below his chin, inching to the edge of his seat, continuing, "are a 99 percentile."

She glances at each of their faces, neither one smiling. She felt as though this is a bad thing, that her results weren't good enough, that she should have had a 100 percentile.

"That's almost perfect," Ava says in respondent.

"Your friends didn't even reach the 90 percent mark," he adds, watching her delicately.

"What do my results mean then, to you?"

"It means, we've never had someone receive such a high score."

"Aren't you the ones to review me?"

"Our reviews are based off how the simulation reviews your skills," Miah joins in on the conversation. "The simulation rated you 100 percentile in every category but one."

"What one?" Ava questions.


She didn't say anything to this. There is nothing to say to it. Her emotions cloud her actions at times, and she knew it. She's surprised in herself that she didn't recognize that, that could be her downfall at times. She is very emotional.

"So what is my position, what do my results say I would best contribute too?" She asks. She didn't know why she asked, she knew the words that were about to come out of their mouths. Fighting, will be there answer.

"You are an exceptional fighter, but you also are a considerable analyzer, and thinker," Overseer Azucena is the one to speak now. "Your skills are made for a specific kind of position."

"What specific kind of position?"

"In four days from now we will be sending in a group to Adrax. Major Rasmus Villem will be in Adrax in attendance to speak with the Board of Equanimity." She remembers this from earlier in the communications room, the young women had called out to Overseer Azucena with information on this Major Villem. "Major Villem works within the Revive, as their main man for shipments of their resources. The Board of Equanimity funds many of the Revive's resources. If we can get a group in attendance, we can successfully hear in on one of their meetings," Overseer Azucena said directly looking at Ava. "And we want you to lead this group."



"Well, how would we even get into this meeting with them?"

"The Board of Equanimity brings Major Villem individuals whom are trusted by the Board to supply the Revive with resources. If we can somehow authorize fake identities, that you and this group will receive, the Board could allow you into this meeting to make a supply deal."

"How can we make sure they believe our information is real? Wouldn't we need to bring supplies?"

"We will bring the supplies on the spaceship that you'll be sent with to Esso. You will preform a small deal, possibly just ten shipments. Your main goal is to make the deal, then report back on where these supplies go, and whom all supply for them."

"How many will be on my team?"

"We will have three of our best with you."

"None of my friends?" Ava shifts in her seat, tilting her head to the side slightly.

"Unfortunately not, we want to see how you handle this."

She sits there a moment thinking, going over the plan in her head. This could work if it is executed well, and thought through. They would need to discuss deeper details tomorrow.

"I'll do it," she responds. Commander Bryant and Miah exchange somewhat relieved glances. "Only," she voices and they all shift their attention to her again. "Only if you can help me."

"What do you need?"

"I want to evacuate all Earth passengers from the Acquiescence. That is the only reason I am staying. I need your help to get backing behind meeting with the Universe Council of Allegiance."

"What you are asking is a lot. I don't even know if we can do-" Miah says before Commander Bryant interrupts her.

"If you do this, we will give you the resources you need."

Ava nods and Overseer Azucena's face gives a way a little. She feels relief, some of the tension she felt, shifting to relaxant.

"Excellent, well we will discuss further details in the morning."

With that, Ava is sent on her own. Taking the elevator up she had thought about this day, this tiresome, longing day. Though relaxant has steadied inside of Overseer Azucena, Ava felt quite the opposite. She feels fretful.

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