Chapter Fourteen - The Humankind of Earth

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Ava relaxed back into a normal stance, steading her breathing. She could feel more eyes on her, and she noticed for the first time how much the room was filled outside of the simulation area she's in. There were two times the amount of curious faces then before. Their expressions vary, some with disbelief, others with fear.

Commander Freewond motions to her, and she begins to exit. Descending down the stairs the crowd drew aback. They reacted like she thought they would. They don't know her, what she is capable of, of course they would step away. These humans pay close attention to detail, wavering she is more of some type of weapon than human.

She looked like a weapon in there. She didn't blame them from backing away, unsure of how to make of what they had just saw.

She would have reacted the same way.

She walks to Commander Freewond to hear his assessment. The others who reviewed her skills do not break their still, hard faces. She studies them a moment, to see a twitch, some reaction. They don't have one.

The face who did react is Miah. Wonder splashes along her face, great interest lingering in her.

She could hear some of the whispers.

'Did you see her make that parachute?'

'See took out five attackers in under three minutes!'

'See, this is what the Revive has created, a human machine.'

Those were just a few.

"We will meet later tonight to discuss your results." Commander Freehand says bringing her focus to him. He didn't smile with assurance that what he saw impressed him. He reacted as she had thought as well, he couldn't give away any of his thoughts. That would be for tonight"Try to eat something, I'm sure you're starved after that." He added, then turned, voicing for the rest of the reviewers to follow him.

She isn't hungry. She has been trained to fight as she did in that glass room with no food or water for days, with no rest, and major injuries. She was tested on her survival skills, how much her body could take on the Acquiescence. The simulations and matches on the Acquiescence were much more arduous.

Nyles's gone, and she found herself alone in a crowded room. Everyone went on with their positions, falling back into the daily routine. Some still whisper in groups, watching her. With no unit, no position here she decides to adventure around the grounds. She thought about going to her room, locking herself there until it's time for her review. That wouldn't benefit anything, so why not get to know the base? Her friends already had four days on her, and she needs to catch up.

She found herself in the launch port. The area is larger than she thought, containing at least three hundred space crafts, electrical vehicles, along with the machinery. The constant hum of electricity flows through the area, with large bangs from shipment cases being placed on the floor. High pitched rumbles came from the machines repairing parts on the ships.

No one here paid attention to her. The navigators were fueling up the ships, rushing supplies to one end of the port to the other, and calling out orders.

The time displays on a large screen that consisted of updates on Strife bases on distant planets. The time read 20:52P.M. She gathers she has been in the simulation for possibly twenty minutes or more. Time went by slow here.

Up ahead, a door opens, light casting inside. Wherever this person is heading too, it is outside.

Walking towards the door, she looks to the faces of the navigators, hoping to see Xavier's face. She hadn't seen him since the morning but it felt like days. She had gotten to the door, and she had no luck searching the eyes of the navigators, so she left.

She is exhausted, and wanted fresh air.

Pushing the door, the cool air chilled her skin. She walked a few steps before stopping, and gazing over the area.

The base is half built inside a mountain and the other part built outside of the mountain. The base set some feet up, creating a beautiful view. The tall forest trees had concealed much of the base, disguising it. she chose to walk up the side of the mountain, to get a better view of the landscape.

Ascending up, the sunset casts shadows of the trees, the light appearing only to the left of her. The murmurs of animals break the silence, and the air smelt of cleanliness. The mood had settled her, even calmed her.

She had never experienced this much snow in it's entirely. It looked magical, glistening from the luster of the sun.

Walking along the path, there is an opening. Just the place she was looking for to overview this area. As she walks closer the sunlight casting in front of her, shining right onto her. Approaching the clearing she begins to hear voices. By the time she made it towards the top, she saw seven bodies of people talking amongst themselves.


She isn't in the mood to speak to them, or anyone really. She wants peace, someplace to think. She would not be getting that, because she steps on a branch, breaking it, making a loud crunch sound. Faces twist her way. She wants to kick herself in the leg for not backing away, and finding another route to take.

"Hey!" one of them calls out. "You are the other girl from Earth!"

For a moment she contemplated turning around, pretending she didn't hear them, but she couldn't. They have seen her, and she has seen them.

"Yes I am," she calls out, standing still.

Whispers begin to circle, and she's tired of hearing it. All these people did is stare, and whisper. She's about to walk away when one of them voices to her. "What was it like?"

"What?" she turns around, walking closer.

"What was it like? Earth." a guy with height close to hers asks. He inches closer. The sunset rays yellow across his face and the others.

She stood there a moment, thinking. Earth was everything. Death, love, and hurt. It is weaved into her with her every being. Earth wasn't just home to her, but the place where she felt truly free.

"It was—" her voice trails off. "It was life. A beauty of wonder."

They continue to stare, trying to make sense of her words. Her words didn't make sense to them, but they did to her. They wouldn't understand unless they saw what she saw. Some beauties are far too special to describe with words.

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