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With the wedding get closer, we had to start preparing. I was going to find my tux today. Kai was doing the same with her dress. My dad, Gelo, Zo, Dmo, My uncle, Allan and Mekai's dad were going to the place. Eli supposed to be here too, but he had practice. They were getting their suits as well.

"Melo let's go we don't want to miss our reservation son," My dad called.

"I'm coming."

I met the guys in the vehicle and got on my phone.

"The boy gonna be locked down officially," Zo laughed.

"No more DM sliding, twitter shooting, none of that, sad," Gelo chuckled along with Zo.

"I'm a loyal nigga, unlike you Mr. Answer insta thots," I threw at Gelo.

"Ooo that's cold!" Zo yelled.

Gelo shook off what I said and I smirked in defeat.

"It's important that you stay with this girl Melo, you don't want to be here and everywhere," My dad said.

"We have a brand to protect," He added.

I nodded at what he said and waited for us to get to the spot. We made casual convos on the way there.


We finally got to the place to find my dress and the dresses for the bridesmaids. I honestly just wanted to find a dress and gtfo. I had my mom, Tina, Denise, Izzy and two of my close cousins with me.

We walked into the building and it was so boujee.

"Good morning everyone, Ms.Simmons you are the bride right?" The lady asked motioning to me.

"Yes I am," I smiled back.

"Great follow me please," She commanded.

I was taken to the back where all the dresses were. I was a bit excited now.

"So what kind of dress are you looking for?"

"Something that's a bit fitted but loose at the bottom," I explained.

"We got that, one second," The lady said.

She brought back a dress for me to try. I put it on, but i wasn't feeling it.  I went to see what the women thought.

"The dress doesn't bring you out," My mom commented.

"You're too fine for a dress like that," Denise added.

"What you think Ms.T?" I asked.

She put her thumbs down and I laughed.

"Let's try a next one then."

I went and changed into another dress. This was one gorgeous, but it wasn't it still.

"OOOOOOOO you slaying this shit!" My cousin yelled.

"She slaying it, but it can be better," My other cousin said.

"She's right," Izzy said.


"Boy you lookin sharp!" My dad shouted.

"Drip Drip," Zo imitated Migos.

They were all hyped about the suit. Come on I'm Melo, tf you expect. 

"Slap that BBB tie on and you ready," My dad said.

Even at my wedding i have to be repping smh.

"Yo we all gon be swaggin that day," Gelo smirked.

I wonder if Kai was alright. I sent a text to check in with her.


It took four dresses, to find THE DRESS.  My mom and Tina began to shed some tears when they saw me in it.

"You look absolutely beautiful Mekai," My mom cried

"Yes right beautiful," Tina smiled widely.


They continued to give me compliments while I took in my appearance in the mirror. I can't believe everything was coming into reality.

Mekai Ball, I had to get used to that.

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