He screams at you (bsm)

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Louis(5)- Your parents were out of town for a month because of work so they thought instead of bringing you along why don't you go on tour with your older brother Louis. You had been taking a nap and was woken up to hear loud laughing of the boys, when you were woken up by disturbance you were pretty grumpy. "Oh hey babe! Guys Y/n's awake." Louis said getting off the couch and to grab you, you let him pick you up but you weren't in the mood to talk. "Love say hi!" He said bringing you over the boys. "No." You mumbled and turned your head. "Hey! Be nice." Louis said making you turn your head. "No! I don't want to! You can't make me!" You yelled moving around in his arms. Louis then put you on the floor and yelled at you. "You are the biggest bitch! I'm gonna leave you in this hotel room for the rest of tour!" He yelled, you flinched at his words. Louis never yelled at you mind that he never cussed at you, you broke into sobs and went on your knees. "I'm sorry LouLou love me again please! Love me again I'm sorry" you yelled sobbing as you hugged onto his legs. His face soften at the thought of you thinking that he hated you. "Baby no! I still love you, I'm sorry let's say hi later ok? Let's go back to nap time and we can be alittle quieter." He said grabbing you and lifting you back into the bed. "Do you love me again?" You whispered. "I never stopping gorgeous." Louis said kissing your head and letting you sleep, you woke up in a better mood and had a better day.

Harry(14)- You had been bullied at school and didn't have a good day, when you got home Harry was there with the boys and they were pretty loud and you were getting more annoyed. "Can you guys shut the fuck up!" You yelled as the room got quiet and all the boys stared at you with shocked expressions. "What did you just say?" Harry said standing up and walking towards you, you never looked up but at the floor. "I didn't say anything." You whimpered but he still heard. "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU SAY?!" Harry yelled at you as he gripped your cheeks so you could look up at his now red face. "Bro it's ok, she didn't do anything." Zayn said. "No she wants to be a bitch so let me explain to her I speak to people who wanna be bitches." He said still gripping onto your cheeks, you started crying. "Harry I'm sorry, please let me go your hurting me." you sobbed out holding onto his wrist because he started gripping so tight. "Oh my- baby I'm so sorry I don't know why I did that." He said letting go and pulling your body to his and holding you tight. "It's ok Haz." You whispered holding him tighter into the hug. The boys just stared and looked at eachother and continued playing their game. "No I hurt you! What type of brother am I? You never act mad like that unless something happened. Are you ok?"Harry said letting go and looking into your eyes. "Everything is fine Harry just a bad day." You said looking back to the floor. "Are you lying to me? Tell me the truth." He said. "Everything is ok hazza." You said looking him in the eyes.

Liam(3)- You woke up at 12 am feeling sick and you went downstairs to tell Liam so he could make you feel better. "LiLi?" You said pulling on his shirt. He was with the boys watching football(soccer). "Stop Y/n!" He said pushing you off alittle. "LiLi please I feel icky." You said trying to get on his lap. "Y/n your so fucking annoying! Get off!" You yelled pushing you off. Your eyes started tearing up and you got up and ran into the kitchen only to bump into something hard. "Oi sorry love." You heard Zayn say as he picked you up. "Babe what's wrong?" He said as he say your face. "LiLi push me and yelled me!" You said sobbing. "Shhhh, babe. You feel quite warm, you feel 'right babe?" He said as he walked back into the kitchen and setting you on the counter and grabbing some water and medicine for you. "I fweel icky and LiLi don't like me to help me!" You said still crying. Zayn gave you some medicine and then helped you drink some water, making sure to hold it as you drank from it. "S'right Love, He still loves you just alittle angry and focused on the game." He said picking you up and bringing you to Liam. "Mate stop being a dick and pay attention to your sister, she's sick lad!" Zayn said angrily as he handed you over to Liam. "Oh love! I'm so sorry I didn't mean to yell at you." He said as he pulled you into his lap and then peppering kisses everywhere on your face. "It's ok Bubba I still know you wove (love) me!" You said giggling and soon falling asleep on his lap.

Zayn(18)- You and your boyfriend had broken up and that put you in a really bad mood today, you didn't tell anybody about you and your boyfriend breaking up so no one knew the reason to why you were upset. "So Y/n how was your day?" Your mom asked as you, Zayn, and your mom sat together for dinner. You didn't respond just continued to play with your food. "Don't be rude Y/n." Zayn said as you just rolled your eyes and still played with your food. "Y/n answer your fucking mother right now and stop being a little ass!" He yelled at you while slamming his hands down onto the table. Your mom was quick to try and shut him up. "Zayn love calm down please." Zayn gave her a look and said. "Mom it's not ok she's being a bitch to you!" You felt your blood boil. "Want to know why I'm such a Bitch Zayn?! Because my boyfriend decided to break up with me today! So I'm sorry if I seem like a bitch today! But it's not like you would even notice or care Zayn! You've been on tour for the past six months never even caring to call or text me! So screw you for telling me the way I should act!" You yelled standing up ready to leave but Zayn grabbed you wrist before you can leave. "I'm so sorry babe! I didn't mean it." He said hugging you. "It's ok I overreacted." You said crying. "Love no you didn't, Tell me next time Alright Love." Your mom said hugging you after. You ended the night with some laughs and then sleeping in Zayns room with him talking yourselves to sleep.

Niall(4)- You wanted to go to sleep since Niall was on tour he dragged you around everywhere he went. "Ni up up!" You said making your hands reach up to him so he can grab you. "Not now Y/n." He said pushing you away. "Please NiNi!" You said reaching up to him again and pulling his shirt. "What the fuck Y/n! Enough!" He said getting up and walking away. It was a few minutes and you were still sobbing until you heard the door open and a pair of arms wrap around you and kiss you all over your face. " i'm so sorry I love you, I didn't mean any of my yelling." Niall said as he wiped your tears away. " it's OK Bubby!" You said hugging him. " I love you so much beautiful let's go take that nap now ok?" He said kissing your cheek and walking to the boys' room and letting you sleep in there till he came back from the studio.

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