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~Jins POV~
Today was the day. We agreed that he would come to my house after school today. I made another friend at school. His name was Jimin. He was so kind. It was the last period of the day. This class was so boring, but i had headphone and my phone. I started listening to music because the teacher gave us free time. I exchanged my address with Namjoon.
Joonie💞😏 - When your class is over, meet me outside. My friends usually drive me home so you're coming with me today since we're going to your house.
Jinnie😏👅 - Okay
Joonie💞😏 - alright and remember what I said your beautiful and remember that
Jinnie 😏👅 - Thank you Joonie!
Joonie 💞😏 - Anytime cutie
OMFG HE JUST CALLED ME CUTIE SNHRISBSKDB! I'm having a mental breakdown right now!

We start heading out to the front. I see he's in a red car with a boy with Mint Green hair. There was 2 other boy in the front with him. Joonie tells me to get into the car so i do. "Jin this is Yoongi, Hobi (J-Hope), and Tae."
"Hi i'm Kim Seokjin but you can call me Jin"
"Where are we going Namjoon?" Yoongi asked
"To Jins house. The address is 79 ******** ***"
Nobody talked, but i was silently singing to song that was playing in the car. It was "I feel it coming" by The Weeknd
I started singing along
"Tell me what you really like
Baby I can take my time
We don't ever have to fight
*a few lyrics later*
I can feel that body shake
and the heat between your legs
You've been scared of love and what it did to you
*a few more lyrics, i started to scream the lyrics*

Yonngi turned down the music and started speaking
"You love the Weeknd don't you?"
"Yeah kinda" i said nervously scratching the back of my head
Yoongi looked like an serious person but once you get to know him he's very kind and soft hearted. His smile can brighten up your day. I've seen yonngi rap and he's a beast.
"You sing beautifully" J-Hope complimented
"Thank you" i said smiling
J-Hope was a caring, loving person with a great personality. I've seen him dance in the halls and he's an amazing dancer.
"Well i know a song Namjoon loves and it's from his favorite rapper" Tae said
Taehyung is an adorable little kid! He is so kind and funny! He's a great singer.
when he changed the song, Drake came on and Namjoon was so happy and he was going crazy. I laughed at how cute he looked.

~Namjoons POV~
This was my favorite song by Drake, my favorite artist. I started singing then i saw Jin sing along with me and it made me smile because we like the same type of music.
"I got my eyes on you
You're everything that i see
I was your hot love and emotion, endlessly
I can't get over you
You left a mark on me
I want your high love and emotion, endlessly
'Cause you're a good boy and you know it
You act so different around me
*a few more lyrics later*
Just hold on we're going home
Just hold on we're going home
It's hard to do these things alone
Just hold on we're going home
*more lyrics later*
You're the boy (girl)
You're the one
Gave you every
Thing I love
I think there's something, Baby
I think there's something, Baby"
"Just like i love Jin" i mumbled hoping no one heard me!

~Jins POV~
I noticed that Namjoom changed the lyrics from "You're the girl" to "You're the boy"
He also mumbled something after saying
"I love this song" I heard "Just...i love..." i'm so curious about what he said but i'm not gonna ask.
After like 30 min we got to my house, we walked in and my parents weren't home. I was sad but happy. I'm happy Namjoon doesn't have to meet my family and im sad Namjoon doesn't get to meet my family.
"Are you hungry?" I asked
"No not really." He replied
"I can cook you something."'
"No thank you." He said nicely
I started making some spaghetti. A delicious smell hit the air.

I sat down eating my food when Namjoon came over and took some of my spaghetti.
"Hey STOB IT!!!" I said
"I want some too!!!!" Namjoon whined.
"You should of said so i would of made you some!"
"Well can i share with you now?" He asked
"Sure" I replied rolling my eyes
We are the spaghetti while talking and laughing. When he laughed he showed his dimples and it made my heart melt.

~Namjoon POV~
Thoughts on Jin -
•He's cute
•He can cook
•He has a smile that's brighter than the sun
•He is the best friend to cheer you up when you down
•He's am amazing singer
•He's caring and sweet
he's perfect!

Hey guys. I don't think I wanna write this book anymore. I keep forgetting to update, and I just honestly don't know what to write. So I might just stop writing this book.

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