"Whats your first lesson Alex?"

"English, you?"

"Same, can I sit next to you?

"Sorry Alfie is sat next to me but you can sit on the same table as us?"

"Great, thanks."

We walked off to English together and met Alfie outside of the class room, he kissed me then walked me into the class room, he started passing me notes.

'So how was it?'

'Awkward, very awkward.'

'You didn't tell her anything did you?'

'No of course not.'

I looked up, she was staring at me again. I looked at Alfie who was looking at Jessica, I grabbed his hand under the table, he looked at me then passed me a note.

'Theres something about her, can you sense it?"

I looked at her, there was something about her that I couldn't work out. She stopped looking at me and started to look about the room, she got up and walked over to Tonny, a lad I rarly talk to, she started to talk to him then walked back over to us. We both looked at each other. The bell went for second lesson, nothing really happened, everyone was silent, Jessica kept looking over at Tonny then me, then Tonny.

At break Jessica went off with Tonny somewhere, me and Alfie walked around for a bit, trying to find Jessica. After a while I started to pick up the scent of blood, I looked at Alfie, he started to run somewhere, I ran after him, knowing he was following the scent of blood. We turned a corner, I saw Jessica walking down the corridoor, I went to the supple cupboard she had just left, I saw Tonny's body laying there, there was a chunk missing from his neck, his eyes still open.

"Alex, is there anything you can do?"

I knelt down to get a closer look at the damage.

"No, he's lost to much blood and theres too much damage so he can't be turned."

I stood up, Alfie hugged me tight, teachers started to tell everyone to step back and leave the corridoor. They told me and Alfie to go home if we needed to but we decided to stay and find out what Jessica knew about this but she was no where to be found. Who would of thought the first day back at school would be this eventful?

After school I sat in garden, I started to read my book when I saw a car drive up to the house, a girl stepped out of the car and walked up to the door, I got up and started to walk around the side of the house. She knocked on the door, she waited awhile, I ran round the back of the house, I walked through the house to the front door, I looked a round, it didn't look like anyone was going to answer it. I pulled open the door, seeing Jessica stood in front of me, she had suitcases with her.

"Jessica what are you doing here?"

"I live here now."

She picked up her suit cases and pushed me a side, she walked onto the clean tiles, I closed the door and looked at her.

"Ah Jessica your here."

Lucy and Alfie walked up to us, Jessica dropped her suitcases on the floor, making a loud crashing noise.

"Alfie could you take her stuff to her room please."

Alfie walked past me and picked up two of her suitcases, struggling with the third one.

"I'll take this one up Alfie."

I picked it up, expecting it to be light, my arm gave weigh, I picked it back up and followed Alfie up to her room.

"So whats she doing here?"

"Appearntly she has to be protected from the wolf clan that live in this town, she did something to them that makes her wanted now."

"So is she vampire or wolf clan?"

"She's wolf clan."

We put her suitcases in her room then went outside, it didn't take long for Jessica to come out and sit with us. Everywhere we went she followed us, she kept touching Alfie's arm and flirting with him. After dinner I decided to lay in the indoor garden and look at the stars, Alfie came in a locked the door then laid down next to me.

"I've had enough of her, she won't leave me alone."

"She wants you."

I laughed a little to make it seem like a joke. I got up and put a hand out for him to grab.

"I'm going to bed now, coming?"

He grabbed my hand and pulled himself up. We opened the door, Jessica was stood there in her pjs.

"Alfie can I sleep with you? I can't sleep."

"Sorry, I'm sleeping with Alfie tonight."

I answered her before Alfie could, I felt like I had to compete with her for Alfie when he was already mine. That night I slept in Alfie's bed with him, I stayed up all night, looking at him, wondering if he would ever leave me, wondering if she would ever take him off me. He woke up in the middle of the night and hugged me, I buried my head in his shoulder and fell a sleep.

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