Chapter 1

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It's the first day of spring, I'm back at school and everythings changed, Kaye had left me and gone to another group, Lewis had left me forever leaving his group behind, they looked like lost sheep looking for someone to lead them around and it turns out that someone was me, Alfie had gone from being my best friend to my lover and I had gone from being a human with a boring life to a vampire with amazing powers. After Alfie had defeated his dad, his brother dissapeared along with their deciples, me and my family had permently moved in with Lucy and the others, my mum still had no idea about vampires or that she was going to be living with them, Alfie took down the roof over the indoor garden, and everyday me and Alfie visted Lewis's grave by the rose bushes. Everything was great, even though Alfie was a little protective of me but thats what you get for being wanted by most of the vampires out there.

As I was saying, it was the first day back at school from the christmas holidays, I was sat on the picnik benches with Alfie, watching the choas at the school gates, he got up and put out his hand, I grabbed then stood up.

"Shall we go?"

"Yeah sure."

We walked through the class room door, seeing a girl with blonde hair sat in our space, we walked up to her expecting it to be Kaye, she turned round a looked at us, she had big blue eyes, a bright smile and big eye lashes.

"Oh sorry, am I sat in your space?"

We looked at each other then looked at her, she got up.

"I'll move."

"No, it's ok. Are you knew?"

I felt like I had to let her sit there.

"Yeah, I've just moved from America so I've got no friends."

She was a bubbly person, we sat down next to her, Alfie didn't really talk much, I had a feeling he sensed something weird about her.

"So are you'se two like a couple or something?"

I blushed a little, then looked at Alfie, he wasn't going to say anything.

"Yeah, we were best friends for a couple of years and now we are together."

"How sweet."

She smiled, two fangs stuck out, I looked at her, she just kept on smiling, it was like she wanted to find out she was a vampire.

"There's something your not telling us."

She stopped smiling and looked more serious.

"What do you mean?"

Alfie stood up, pulling his hand away from mine, he then left the room.

"Alfie where are you going?"

"Alex I'll see you first lesson ok? I have to go sort some things out."

"Ok, see you soon then."

He looked at the girl then left. She stared at me for awhile, then looked back the door.

"Sorry, I didn't catch your name?"

She looked at me again with her big blue eyes, she thought for awhile.

"My names Jessica Smith."

"I'm Alex."

We sat there in silence for a while, she just sat there staring at me, I felt uneasy. A lad walked past and threw a dead bug on our table, I waited til she was looking away when I touched the bug and brought it back to life. She looked at me strangly.

"Wasn't that dead?"

"No, it was probaly frozen with fear."

We watched the bug crawl off the table, then sat back in silence. The bell finally rang for first lesson.

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