No Way Out...Part 13

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*Nick's POV*

We were banging on the door and calling Kayla, Rose, Trina and Josie names out. The door was locked and we were trying to get the girls out. "We have to break the door down!" Megan cried. "I'll break it down" Jay said. Jay went over to the door and lifted his leg up. We heard a click coming from the door. "Wait! Wait! Wait!" Kennedi said pulling Jay back. The door opened and out comes Kayla, Rose, Trina and Josie. "Are you girls ok?!" Ashley asked running over and hugging them. "We're fine, we found out something and we have missions to go on" Josie said. "Ohh! Does that mean I can be a ninja?" Aaron asked clapping his hands. We looked at him. His smile started fading slowly. "Yes Aaron, the missions that we have to complete before dawn you can act like a ninja" Trina said folding her arm. Aaron nodded and clapped again.

"What do you girls mean missions we have to complete before dawn?" I asked. "This emerald actually belongs to my grandad, Grandad was trying to keep the emerald away from Paul and destory because Paul uses this emerald for dark magic" Rose said. "So thats why all the Demonic Activity has been happening here" Billy said. "Grandad's soul and the soul of the other little kids here are trapped here and the only way to set them free is if we do the missions and we'll also be set free" Trina said. "Also, Zak will be back to normal if we do all these missions and then we'll be set free" Kayla said. "What will happens if we fail the missions?" Megan asked. Kayla, Rose, Trina and Josie's facial expressions turned to fear. Our faces turned into fear as well. "The four of us will be locked down in Hell forever" Kayla said. I looked at Kayla. Her eyes showed fear, she was frightened. Other then that, I think Kayla is kind of cute. I know she likes Zak but I kind of like her too. Since we're in the middle of something right now, I cant say anything more about my feelings about Kayla.

*Kayla's POV*

"Locked down in Hell forever?!" Kennedi asked. We nodded. "We can't let that happen!" Jay said panicking. "We have to do this mission" Nick said. He looked straight at me. I felt my cheeks heat up. Why am I blushing?. "There is another thing as well, you know the doll that jumped off the wardorbe?" Josie said. "Yeah" everyone else replied. "Well, she's actually a spirit that we knew growing up, her soul was transformed into the dolls body, her name is Emily" Trina said. Emily stepped out the room. No one ran away this time. She gave a little wave to everyone. "See, she isnt so bad" Rose said. Megan went over Emily. She reached her hand out to Emily and Emily took her hand. "Hi Emily" Megan said. "Hello" Emily said. Emily looked at us. "So whats this song that you were talking about earlier?" I asked Emily.

"I'm here" we heard a voice behind us. It was Zak. We all screamed and started running. We started running down the stairs. It was hard for Emily to run. I turned around and looked up. Emily fell over. Zak was about to strike her with an axe. "No!" I yelled running back up the steps and grabbed Emily before Zak struck with the axe. I lost my balance and I fell down the stairs. Emily went flying through the air. Everyone watched as this was happening. It felt like it was happening in slow motion. When I got to the bottom of the stairs, Emily landed on my chest. "Oh my god! Are you alright?!" Ashley cried. Nick helped me up. "I'm fine! Split up!" I yelled. We all ran in different directions again. Nick and Megan followed me and we ran into the study room. We all hid under the desk. Megan held my hand. "Stay quite" I whispered. I looked around the edge of the desk. Zak wasnt in here.

I sighed and said "he's not in here". "Do you have the Emerald?" Emily asked. I put my hand in my pocket and pulled it out. I sighed. "I got it" I said. Nick and Megan sighed too. We heard little hyming coming from outside the hall. Emily gasped. "That's it, thats the song" Emily said getting excited. We came out from under the desk. "The song?" Megan asked. "Yes! Listen" Emily said. We listened to the hyming. We could hear abit of music while there was hyming. "Oh my god" I whispered and grabbed Megan's arm. "What is it Kayla?" Megan asked. "It's the song! I know this song!" I said getting over excited. Megan and Nick started smiling. "What's the song Kayla?" Nick asked. I know this song, I havent sang this song in years. I wrote this song after grandad died. I sang this song every night when I look up to the stars, to let grandad know that I miss him so much. Rose, Trina and Josie know I can sing. So do Megan, Ashley and Kennedi but Zak, Nick, Aaron, Billy and Jay dont know that I use to sing.

"This is the song I wrote after Grandad died, I sang this song every night" I said looking Nick and Megan. "To get more closer to the next clue, you have to sing the song" Emily said. "But Emily, I havent sang in years, I dont think I can sing" I said. "You never know unless you try" Emily said. "If you sing, we can get to the next clue" Nick said. "Please Kayla" Megan beg. I sighed and said "fine, I'll try but dont laugh!". They nodded in a agreement. The Music started again. I took a deep breath and began to sing.

Do I Miss You?

Count the Stars, multiply by 10

Course I do more than now and then

I could paint a rainbow

Shine the shy

Set the stars in space

Faster that explain how much, I miss your face

Watch the moon, someday soon

He will start to smile

When I say I'll see you in a while

But till then I Miss You

Dry my tears

Hide my fears away

Until that happy day

To the rainbows end

Is where I will go my friend

I do, miss you so.....

The music ended. I looked at Megan and Nick. They were both crying but they were smiling. "That...was...beautiful" Megan sobbed hugging me. "Your voice is like an Angel" Nick said. I smiled at them. "Thank you" I said. I looked at Emily. "Thats our favourite song" Emily said. I couldnt help it but smile. "Where's the clue?" Nick asked. A little girl came in. You could see right through her. She smiled at us. "Charlotte, give Kayla her powers" Emily said. The smile turned into a frown. "Powers? What powers?" I asked. "It's when your fighting back, and these powers will lead you and the crew to the next clue, these powers will also be giving to your sisters" Emily said. "What about the rest of us?" Megan asked. "The weapons down in the basement, I told you the powers will lead you to the weapon and clue" Emily said. Charlotte threw a ball of white light at me. I started glowing up and then stopped glowing. I looked at Megan and Nick. "I know you in there" we heard Zak say coming from the hallway. "Hide!" Nick whispered/shouted. Nick ran to the wardrobe and hid in there as Megan, Emily and I hid under the desk and Charlotte disappeared. We heard footsteps coming into the room. We could hear an evil chuckle that escaped from Zak's lips. Megan and I held hands. We covered our mouths with our hands and closed our eyes. Emily kept looking for Zak. The footsteps came closer and closer until Zak walked around the dress and we can see his feet. He stood there. No movement, so sound. What do we do? Will I use my powers to get Zak out of the way and give us time to run?. We kept staring at Zak's feet. He didnt more. We just waited and waited...and waited...

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