CheaterCheaterBestfriendEater ~Chapter 2~

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Stacy stayed in her car for a while trying to examine the figure standing at the door. It looked like he or she was waiting for her to get out of her car. Stacy was hoping it was only Spencer wanting another chance and waiting for her to get home. She called Spencer's cell phone and he picked up.

"Spencer, why are you waiting at the door, go home, it's late."

 "Ummm... What are you talking about?? I'm home. I'm actually waiting for my pizza to arrive... even though it's about 3 hours late. I swear I ordered it at 9. It fucking midnight and the pizza guy still isn't here. Talk about bad service. At least I get it free since its way past 15 minutes late".

 Spencer kept blabbing about his stupid pizza.

 "SPENCER! Okay well, there's some guy waiting on my front porch. He looks like a thug".

 Stacy didn't know why the hell she was still on the phone with Spencer since now she knew it wasn't him at the door. Stacy hung up without saying bye.  

Stacy took a deep breath and opened her car door. She noticed the man was holding something... something big and square. She slowly walked to her door. She got in her porch.

 "H-Hello? Why are you waiting here?" Stacy asked as her voiced cracked.

The man looked at Stacy with a blank look. He pushed a cardboard box with a Pizza Hut logo on the box to Stacy's stomach.

 "That'll be $12.99 plus $30.00 for me waiting 3 extra hours for you to get home"

. Stacy gave the man the money and took the pizza. She was furious. Stacy picked up the phone and called Spencer.

"You fucking douche bag, come pick up your damn pizza from my house!" Stacy shouted through the phone.

"Oh...I guess I'm so used to using your address to order food in, my bad".  


The doorbell rang. Stacy opened the door and there was Spencer.

"Hey, sorry about the pizza. Is it alright if I come in?" Asked Spencer.

 "Fine, you might as well stay the night since it's only about 1 in the damn morning" Stacy said with a bunch of sarcasm in her voice.

Stacy and Spencer ate the pizza. The pizza had about a gazillion topping on it, including marshmallows. Stacy didn't even know Pizza Hut allowed marshmallows on pizza.  

"You can sleep on the couch" said Stacy to Spencer.

 "Oh that's just great" replied Spencer.

Spencer saw an old newspaper on the coffee table and picked it up for a quick read.

"No offense, but I think it's time for you to get a job" Spencer told Stacy.

 "You really think so??"

"Yeah, how the hell are you going to support yourself? Think about it, Food, Shelter, and Gas."

 "Damn, I think your right for once."

 "Aren't I always?" Spencer then winked at Stacy.  

Stacy put on her pyjamas and brushed her teeth. She got into bed and promised herself that first then after breakfast tomorrow, she'll look for a job. The idea already scared her. Stacy hates people, just people in general. How the hell would she work for someone else? Stacy closed her eyes and dozed off to sleep.


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