Jonny the idiot!

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Drac and Mavis discussed the situation in private, while Jonny was hunted down by Drac's friends.

I didn't know anything about the commotion downstairs, now back in my room. Lora cave Connor a piece of her mind, for his actions. She didn't go easy on him, literally making his ears bleed from her constantly yelling. I couldn't care less...he deserved it. Later that night, he apologized for his behavior. I suggested burning my diary outside the hotel, to forget it ever happened.

Connor gave the idea, to go to the monster festival in the nearest town.

There, they have a larger fire...where we can burn it. Dressed as monster, we can dance, drink and enjoy the music till three in the morning...for free. You know what...I like the idea! Going down to the lobby, we arranged a hearse for the trip. Unfortunately, someone was blocking my way to the was Jonny. "Help me!!!" he yelped, jumping on me in fear. "What the hell is it with you?" I didn't have to wait long. Frankenstein, a mummy, a werewolf and the invisible man ran towards us...and stopped before me. "Hi!" they all said at the same time, grinning at me awkward. First scary looking and then all friendly, I looked at Jonny, "What did you do?"

"I eh...might have spilled a secret."

"You ruined it!" corrected the mummy.

"Is it that bad?"

The group looked at me, "Well, our friend wants to give his love life another try. But he didn't tell his daughter about this."

I winced, "Ouch, sucks to be him!"

The werewolf chuckled, "Indeed, but we don't know who he has his eyes on."

I smiled, "I bet she must be a lucky lady...who is your friend?"

Frank was about to tell me, as he remembered the day Drac had his tantrum, "Well eh...he is..."

"He means Dr..." Jonny was about to spill another secret, but Frank beat him to it shutting his mouth with the massive hand. I looked confused, "Dr?... Dr. Who?"

"Ah...N/A right? How are you?" Mavis was standing behind me now, followed by a concerned Count.

"Yes...Mavis right?" she nodded. I shook her hand, before turning her head to Drac's friends, "So who is this Dr.?"

Drac realized the situation, as Frank began to sweat badly. Drac pushed me away from the group, "You know this friend is nothing important..." he changed the subject," did you see a monster magician before?" "No, never" "You are in luck, there are some tickets left for tomorrows event...I can arrange it for you."

My eyes sparkled, "Really?"

He grinned, "Of course, anything for my guests."

I took it as a wonderful opportunity and accepted the offer. He pushed me towards the reception, informing the fly to book my tickets for Harry three eyes. At the same time, I could ask him about the hearse for tonight.

Drac went back to his friends, demanding an explanation.

Frank gave his old friend a massive grin, "Could it be, that she is the one you have your eyes on?"

Drac froze, "What her? No, no, no, she is not my type. I would never start a relationship with one of Jonny's friends."

"Why not?" asked Jonny surprised, followed by Mavis, "Yeah dad, why not?"

"We didn't Zing!" he tried.

Everyone gave him a bored expression, not one monster believed him. The poor vampire was now really concerned, "Let's assume I would Zing with her... she might leave Ericka did. Maybe I am not her type of monster she wants...what then? I think I should just give up on this."

Suddenly, Jonny began to talk like a monk, "You know Drac:

Quit, don't Quit?

Zing, don't Zing.

You are too concerned

About what was

And what will be."

Drac looked skeptical, "You humans and your wisdom speeches. You sounded just like N/A now."

Jonny smiled, "Nope, it is from a movie called, "Kung fu p..."

I could hear Jonny say the name of the movie I had the quote from. I thought he was telling Drac about it. In fear I ran over to them, knocking Jonny over.

"Owww N/A, What the hell is wrong with you?!"

"Sorry, I tripped on something." I lied, "You want to come to the monster festival tonight?"

Jonny was up for it, yelling around in joy. Unlike Dracula, he wasn't sure of how to think about that. He came towards me, "Why going there? We have a party tonight in the main hall." He wanted me to stay...trying to get closer to me. I didn't get the hint though," We already arranged the hearse for tonight, we come back at three. Are you coming Jonny?"

"You bet!!!!"

Mavis noticed her father, look after me, walking out the main door. If he wasn't into me, then why would he look so disappointed to see her leave? This thought went though Mavis mind over and over. Before she could get an answer, her father flew away. His friends had the same puzzled expression on their face.

In the meanwhile, Connor and Lora were already in the hearse. Once inside, Jonny had to ask me about the previous attack, "What was that just now?"

"What do you mean?"

"You rammed me like an American footballer N/A!"

"Oh that, that...was an accident" I faked a laugh.

"There are no accidents" said Jonny, pretending to be cool.

Knowing the quote I chuckled uncomfortable, " more word from Kung fu panda. I will use the wuxi finger hold on you."

Unlike in the movie, my hold can break bones.

I smiled happy. I never had such a silent ride to a party before.

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