I swear to God those boys are insane about me!

As soon as they walk through the door, I'm pulled in several different directions. Eventually, Zayn tugs me free and pulls me into the bathroom, showing me a wide assortment of lotions, mosturizers, shampoos, conditioners, and pretty much everything related to hair and face perfection. I tell him I won't use most of it, so he tells me to give him back whatever I don't use or like.

After I take a shower, I have no idea what to do and I have no clothes to wear. So, I wrap a towel around me and open the door just wide enough to poke my head out. I cough and everyone turns and looks at me. Niall grows two shades of red.

"Um, can someone hand me my suitcase?" I ask. Louis rolls it over and I thank him with a smile and shut the door, letitng the towel drop to the floor.

I pull out underwear, a t-shirt, and a pair of mid-thigh shorts. I throw on my clothes and brush my teeth.

Louis magically knows when to walk in, and when he walks in, he offers to do my hair. I accept. Sadly, he's better at hair than I am and ties it in a pretty side ponytail.

I put my glasses on and emerge out of the steamy bathroom, feeling much better.

"Better?" Liam asks me. I smile and nod.

"Yes, thank you," I laugh. I look at the table and gasp at the mouth watering sight of pancakes. I look at the plate longily. Louis laughs and gently shoves me toward the table.

"Go on, babe. That plate to Harry's right is for you," he urges, gesturing to the still sleeping Harry

I grin and basically dash to the table, gliding into the seat. I dig right into the food, savoring every bite. Hey, I'm a food person and not eating for two or whatever days is bad for me.

After I finish, Niall sits across from me and offers a stick of peppermint gum. I smile and accept it sheepishly. As I pop it in my mouth, Zayn takes the wrapper and tosses it. Niall coughs and looks uncomfortable. I tilt my head.

"Niall, what's wrong?" I ask. He refuses to look at me.

"You... you have to go to a funeral tomorrow," he whispers. I exhale and hold my head in my hands. I nod slowly and Niall reaches out and gently grabs my arm. I push myself away from the table and shuffle to my suitcase.

I pick out my black pencil skirt, a deep red and silky top, and a ribbed black jacket with short sleeves, matching the feel of the shirt. I fold it and lay it out on the end table. I sit on the edge of the bed, facing the wall and sigh.

I hear footsteps and the squeak of the mattress springs as someone shifts next to me.

Louis slings him arm around me. We sit there in silence as my head lowers to his shoulder. He rubs circles on my shoulder in a comforting manner.

"Why?" I whisper to myself.

"It's not fair, babe. I know," he replies, holding me close. It's in this moment where I feel like he's a brother to me. It feels like he truly cares about me.

After a few minutes, we decide to wake up Haz.

"How do we do it?" I ask. Louis and Zayn look at each other and grin.

"Act like a girlfriend," Zayn teases.

"What?" I question.

"Act like a girlfriend," Louis repeats, crossing his arms. I sigh and shrug.

"Whatever," I groan.

"Go for it," Niall presses.

"Harry," I coo gently, putting a hand on his shoulder and shaking him a bit. "Sweetums, you have to get up now."

He groans and rolls his head around. I smirk and press my lips against his forehead. He rolls his head around again.

"Harry, please, baby... Get up for me," I plead. He blinks and wakes up, raising his head and squinting. His hands cup either side of my face as he presses his lips on my cheek, his barely brushing the corner of mine. 

"Okay," he responds faintly. He gets up and shuffles into the bathroom. I just stand there with my face hotter than a Cayene pepper, knees weak, and heart beating a million times a minute.

"Well that was..." Niall's voice trails off.

"Eventful," Louis finishes with an exhale.

I shrug and we all sit and watch some TV for a bit. I get to know them more than what magazines can tell you. I now know Niall's secret talent, Zayn's main insecurity, Liam's limits with fans, and Louis's fears.

Harry steps out later and doesn't even remember earlier. He slumps down on the couch next to me and Louis raises an eyebrow. Zayn chuckles and Niall scratches the back of his neck and crinkles his nose.

"Hey, what were we all talking about?" Haz asks.

"Getting to know each other," Zayn replies. Harry smiles and looks over at me.

"Oh, really? What'd you guys learn about our girl here?" Harry asks, jabbing his thumb in my direction.

"She's afraid of lots of insects, rollercoasters, and thunderstorms," Louis recites.

"She likes drawing, writing, singing, and playing video games," Zayn recalls.

"She loves anime and Japanese stuff, she can speak Spanish, and she is seemingly perfect," Niall states. Everyone turns and looks at him. He flushes.

"Seemingly perfect?" I inquire. He flushes.

"Well, you're really smart, pretty, funny, a good writer, a good artist, and a good singer. What else could someone ask for?" Niall asks. I smile. That's probably the longest he's gone without swearing. I'm impressed actually.

"A taste for designer stuff," I add. Harry shakes his head and leans back on the couch thing.

"You don't need fancy tastes," he protests. I shake my head.

"I read in a magazine that none of you want a girl to go on a date with you that isn't girly," I reply.

"So.. you want to go on a date with us?" Liam asks. I flush.

"Now, I never said that," I argue.

"You hinted at it," Niall teases. I groan in frustration.

"No, I didn't mean it like that! I meant it like most guys have similar tastes and I have yet to meet a guy who likes me for my uber tomboy nature," I explain. Harry clicks his tongue.

"Look, don't tell me that gets you down," he sighs. I shake my head.

"No, no... it's nothing like that. It's just that I hate heels and skirts and dresses and makeup and stuff most girls like, so not many guys really care to give me a chance," I reply. Harry and Niall scoff.

"Then they're idiots," Niall states. I blush. He looks over at me. "They're idiots to think that girls have to be girly. You're fine just the way you are, lass."

I smile and look at my feet as the TV switches back on to the movie we were watching.

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