Chapter 8- Gone

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Dear Diary,
Wow, I haven't written in such a long time! You guys must've thought I was dead or something. I wonder if you'd miss me, hehe. But anyways, everythings good except my whole father fiasco. Mom said if he doesn't accept who I am, he's not my true father. And she's right. I hope your reading this, dad. Wherever you are. Because I have something to say. Not just to my dad, but everyone...
If you judge people based on their beliefs or their sexuality, or even their race, you're just as bad as my dad. You don't control everything. You don't control what people think, how people act or look. If that was the case, we would have the most boring planet ever! So, just think about what earth would be like if everyone was equal for a while.
Message over. In other news, I'm pretty sure the pets are teething. They've gotten so big! I think Cotton is in heat.. I don't know if she should be neutered though. But anyways, time for me to go feed them.
Love, Sashi~💕🌈💕

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