|Hello Moorland|

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Folding her arms as she rolled her eyes in a fed up manner, Morgan sighed as she checked her text messages in boredom as she grunted a little. "You can't be kidding me right now.. there's no wifi up here?!" she shouted as she stuck her phone out of the car window, hoping for wifi as she threw her phone on the car seat in anger as she had no way of texting her friends. "Oh look Morgan, your grandmother is doing you a huge favor here by looking after you for the winter.. it's better than being stuck in the house these next few leisure weeks.." her mother pointed out as she turned to look at her as Morgan's father continued to drive the car. "Be patient, we are almost there anyway.." she smiled faintly as she turned back to face the front, hoping for a sign that said 'Welcome To Moorland' written in black fancy writing. As they pulled up outside of the cabin, a tall white stallion whinnied as it reared upright in front of the vehicle. "Woah! What's his problem..?" Morgan shouted as her eyes widened, her grandmother came running out shortly after the stallion as she waved her hands calmly in the air at the spooked stallion. "Steady there!" she said contently as the stallion reared once last time as it soon came to a stand. 

Morgan hesitantly stepped out of the car as she made her way to her grandmother, smiling faintly. "What was that about?" she asked as she glanced back at the horse that stood with both of it's eyes keeping a close watch on Morgan as it's long white tail swished and flicked in the air. "Just a little fright that's all, hes still a little shaken up Morgan so here is your first job of the day." Morgan sighed a little as she looked back at her mother and father that waited patiently in the car. "Fetch me what you think is the head collar will ya while I speak to ye' mother and father.." the old woman smiled as she greeted Morgan's parents as she made her way nervously into the old worn out barn. "It's a surprise this thing is still standing.." she chuckled as she froze, hearing a small baby like neigh, coming from the end stall. Morgan paced slowly to the end stall as she looked over the stall, wanting to see what was in. There lay peacefully a small fluffy foal that looked up at Morgan with it's big friendly brown eyes as if it was saying hello. "What a fluff ball you are hm.. and what may your name be?" Morgan smiled warmly as she checked the stall name sign. Painted carefully on the white sign was the name 'Min.' "Min.." she said with a small chuckle. "That name suits you.." Morgan said softly as she put her hand out to the little foal but then cautiously moved away as she had no idea what to expect. Moving away slowly, Morgan grabbed a royal blue head collar and made her way out of the barn.

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